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We are Meetsales - a one-stop shop for companies that want to elevate their sales process. Our solution allows your employees to close deals and build strong relations with clients, regardless of their location.

It’s convenient, efficient, and data-based.

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Video calls are an integral part of our private and professional realities. However, the tools available on the market right now don’t offer much more. We decided to change that. With Meetsales, your team gets access to a video platform that allows them to build meaningful business relationships. Salespeople connect with clients in real-time and assist them in the shopping process.

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Customer story
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We were impressed by how fast Meetsales could be implemented in our organization. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, which makes sales work seamless and more efficient.

Jakub Manicki
CEO at Red Snake
Customer story
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We have been working on our online b2b sales for a while. Once we started the pilot with Meetsales, we understood how the right technology can support and optimize the online sales process and we knew that was it!

Maciej Mora eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Maciej Mora
eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.

Use data to make better decisions

A built-in module dedicated to data analysis will become your favorite feature. We know that the data-driven approach is the only way to optimize your business and increase its profitability. Offline sales can’t offer this much control over the process. Meetsales provides numerous insights into salespeople’s work that help you determine what makes sense and what has to be improved.

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Automate your sales activities

meetsales dashboard interface with new clients widget, analytics and upcomming meetings

Implementation of Meetsales in your sales department is the best decision you can make. It automates most of the tasks that your employees have to handle daily. This way, they can save some time and focus on what’s important - building strong, long-term business relationships with your partners.


of B2B leaders expect companies to offer an omnichannel approach instead of traditional sales practices.


of B2B buyers prefer remote online service over face-to-face meetings.


of remote workers are more productive than their on-site colleagues.

Provide exquisite customer experience

Building long-lasting business relationships is easy, even when your employees work remotely. Your customers can initiate meetings on-demand with our powerful website widget. No bots, no scripts, no waiting for a phone call or email response. Our software helps you to professionalize the customer experience and enter the omnichannel sales, that are a must in modern B2B sales.

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Reduced costs & time

Cut your expenses and time spent on travel and in-person meetings by moving your sales to a remote, digital environment. You don’t need office supplies or additional apps, as Meetsales is an all-in-one solution.

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You can decrease the amount of time you spent on certain things, like meetings or paperwork. Meetsales makes sales convenient regardless of seller’s and buyer’s locations. Automation allows your team to improve their work.

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API-first approach

Meetsales can connect with various CRM, PIM, eCommerce, and payment apps. It supports your business, no matter what are your daily needs. Build a system that will leverage your workflow. We can connect your current set of tools with our platform.

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