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Your video commerce sales center

At Meetsales we believe that having everything in one place helps to successfully close deals. We provide a single source of truth for sales professionals with features that support productivity and efficiency while working online.

Innovative headless frontend

With an API-first and cloud-based architecture, handling your commerce business will be seamless. We've developed our platform with modern needs in mind. Thanks to the headless approach, Meetsales can integrate with various systems and be implemented in your company faster than other sales tools.

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Features perfect for H2H brands

If you want to boost your team’s sales, help them build genuine long-term relationships with their clients, and optimize their operations, you should take advantage of the dedicated functionalities that we’ve designed with large H2H sales teams in mind.

Video Meeting

Video meetings

Host professional one-to-one or multi user conferencing with your customers. High quality video and audio available with any browser and device.

Meetsales online paymentPowered by Stripe

Integrated on-call payments

Each payment can be processed in real-time during a video call thanks to the Stripe integration. It’s quick and convenient for both sides.

Meetsales dashboard

Data-driven platform

Sales-friendly CRM-like interface has all the data and information your team needs. All the activities are measured and displayed in easy-to-analyze reports.

Red Snake widget powered by Meetsales

Support for omnichannel strategy

Meetsales can be used to implement the integrated shopping process where customer experience is tailor-made individually for each prospect across all channels.

Meetsales video-based app client panel

Customer management

Effective client management is a key to your company's sales success. Built-in CRM along with implemented automations allows to deliver on the requirements and provide the adequate responses to their queries.

Meetsales live-commerce app automation panel


Salespeople don’t have to fill in data in the CRM, write emails from scratch, and schedule meetings by calling each prospect anymore. It’s all automated to save time and resources.

Customer story
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We have been working on our online b2b sales for a while.

Once we started the pilot with Meetsales, we understood

how the right technology can support and optimize the

online sales process and we knew that was it!

Maciej Mora eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Maciej Mora
eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Customer story
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We were impressed by how fast

Meetsales could be implemented in our organisation.

It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface

which makes sales work seamless and more efficient.

Maciej Mora ecommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Jakub Manicki
CEO at Red Snake
Customer story
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In B2B sales, during the first negotiations of the contract,

transaction terms and prices, a face-to-face meeting is particularly important. All my professional life I have been

looking for tools that will scale B2B sales by supporting

both the seller and the buyer. What I didn't know is that

what I'm looking for is called Meetsales, which also makes

it simple, safe and intuitive!

Artur Piekarczyk
Chairman of the Board at ONe

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Time saved due to built-in automations


Faster lead
convertions rate


Lower sales

Customer experience builds loyalty!
Level up your sales game with the power of
video, data, and automation.