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Meet your
clients on-line.

Show them products,
discuss prices, and complete orders.

Build relationships. Close deals.

Visiting customers takes time, money, and effort.

Running face-to-face sales meetings has become difficult, if not impossible for some. Meeting with your Clients online and closing a sale often means using different tools simultaneously, which can cause confusion, frustration and chaos on a call. Especially, when your Sales Team has always been working off-line.
Meetsales is an out of the box solution that supports the Sales Professionals in their difficult transition to remote work. Our technology has been introduced to promote remote sales enablement. We support Sales Teams in those changing times, by providing a single solution that will help Sales Professionals and Managers to smoothly undergo the transition from off-line to on-line, without compromising. Meetsales is the only conversational commerce solution that puts an interactive shopping cart directly into the call.

How Meetsales can help my business?

It hybridizes b2b sales and focuses on human-to-human relations again.

Meetsales works on a simple premise: it brings eCommerce capabilities directly into a video call to promote online b2b sales.

Thanks to the integration with Product Database it allows Sales Professionals to present the products to their clients and to add them to a shopping cart in real-time. Once the order is confirmed, the system will generate the documents and send them over to the Client automatically. After all, analytics will help you track performance and motivate your sales team.

Initiating the video call

Either the Sales or a Client can initiate the video meeting. Sales has access to the salesmen panel, while clients can use on-site widget. Both parties get an invitation in their calendars and access the call via a link. 


Presenting the products

Sales have access to the company’s product database, which makes it possible to present the items and add them to the shopping cart in real-time. Your client gets all the information and support required to commit to the purchase.


Completing the order

Sales sends the request to confirm the order to the client while on a call. The app automates some of the sales work, and generates required documents. The Salesmen have more time to focus on the client and work on the relationship.


Analyzing the insights

The duration, outcome and actions on the calls are measured and analyzed, allowing you to track the overall performance of team members. Insights helps your team to adapt and improve their on-line sales.

“Almost 90 percent of sales have moved to a conversational commerce model and [...] more than half believe this is equally or more effective than sales models used before COVID-19”
McKinsey Research, April 2020

Our mission

Provide the technology that allows Sales Professionals and Managers to smoothly adapt to the new work environment and close more deals on-line.

Check yourself how we can help your business adapt.

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