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Doesn’t it suck when your online sale opportunities are lost?

Deliver human interaction to your online sales and capture every single sales opportunity in real-time

Our widget connecs customers with sales consultants whenever they are looking for answers, in real-time, via video. High-volume or complex product purchases are often confusing to your customers, so don’t risk losing another sale or cart abandonment! The contact overlay will convert highly caloric traffic into leads. It can be implemented on websites, dedicated Landing Pages, and witihin your e-commerce shop.

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Aren’t your customers tired of automated chat support?

Your B2B customers are always short on time. Surprise them with an assisted shopping experience, and discover their pains and needs in no time!

Our platform allows sales consultants to present products, negotiate prices and apply discounts in real-time. Meetsales has a built-in product database at your disposal, so we can store product names, descriptions, SKUs, and a variety of media files. Alternatively, use our REST and GraphQL APIs to integrate with your existing tech stack, to streamline the whole process.

Isn’t creating offers and purchase orders manually tedious?

Automate redundant, everyday tasks of you sales consultans and save time, to build relations and trust with your customers.

Thanks to built-in automation, sales consultans won’t need to create, or catalog offers and purchase orders anymore. Data are collected automatically, so they can be stored for your convenience. On top of it, we provide the notification center and follow-ups, so they will never forget to reach out to a client again! The collected data can be exported to your CRM for further analysis.

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Isn’t it careless to drive your sales and team without data?

Set clear goals for your sales team and let them track the progress. Keep your team motivated and start driving data-driven sales via video!

Our technology allows you to track nearly every move within the platfom, every call taken, every product presented, and every offer created. Our built-in-analytics help the sales team understand what went well and what did not. We will help you maintain and understand your team’s productivity, and learn about your customer’s preferences and patterns.

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Customer story
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Meetsales is not only a tool, but also a way of thinking and approaching

business. It's openness to change, flexibility and great experience.​

The tool itself gives you the opportunity to develop, integrate with other

elements of the ecosystem and build the best possible value in

cooperation with the client.​And that's what makes the real difference...

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Tomasz Gierat
E-commerce Manager at SWISS KRONO

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Who is Meetsales for?

Business Development Managers

We will help your BDMs qualify the leads and quickly discover potential customers' pains and needs. We all know that getting to know your prospects is the key to starting the sales process. One video meeting is enough to decide whether your prospect is a real sales opportunity. So why wait? Simply shorten your qualification and discovery stage and convert more leads into opportunities faster!

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Technical Sales Support Managers

Your customers and prospects require assistance and answers concerning complex products and large purchases. Let your sales support people be there for your customers in real time, as they are always in a hurry. So don't make them wait on a hotline, or worse, talk to a chatbot. Instead, move fast, offer video assistance, answer their questions, and gain the trust of new customers!

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Key Account Managers

Getting in touch with an account manager can be time-consuming and frustrating. Take care of your current customers, and make them feel special. Simply shorten the contact path and the sales cycles to close more deals, and build loyalty. With video-based communication, your account managers and customers can discuss high-volume and custom orders with ease. Make the negotiation process easy and transparent, and offer an exquisite customer experience.

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Customer story
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We have been working on our online b2b sales for a while.

Once we started the pilot with Meetsales, we understood

how the right technology can support and optimize the

online sales process and we knew that was it!

Maciej Mora eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Maciej Mora
eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.

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Features perfect for H2H brands

If you want to boost your team’s sales, help them build genuine long-term relationships with their clients, and optimize their operations, you should take advantage of the dedicated functionalities that we’ve designed with large H2H sales teams in mind.

Video Meeting

Video meetings

Host professional one-to-one or multi user conferencing with your customers. High quality video and audio available with any browser and device.

Meetsales online paymentPowered by Stripe

Integrated on-call payments

Each payment can be processed in real-time during a video call thanks to the Stripe integration. It’s quick and convenient for both sides.

Meetsales dashboard

Data-driven platform

Sales-friendly CRM-like interface has all the data and information your team needs. All the activities are measured and displayed in easy-to-analyze reports.

Red Snake widget powered by Meetsales

Support for omnichannel strategy

Meetsales can be used to implement the integrated shopping process where customer experience is tailor-made individually for each prospect across all channels.

Meetsales video-based app client panel

Customer management

Effective client management is a key to your company's sales success. Built-in CRM along with implemented automations allows to deliver on the requirements and provide the adequate responses to their queries.

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Salespeople don’t have to fill in data in the CRM, write emails from scratch, and schedule meetings by calling each prospect anymore. It’s all automated to save time and resources.

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business owners?


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