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We are crazy about
technology and people

Meetsales was founded in 2020 in Wrocław, Poland, in response to an
observed rapid change in B2B sales and a shift towards remote work.

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We are a bunch of geeks loving the tech industry, fascinated by how it shapes our everyday life. Since we know a bit about technology ourselves, we want to use it to make an impact. Simply to make people’s life and work easier, more productive, and rewarding.
We believe that human-to-human relationships are the key to life and business. That is why we have decided to merge video and eCommerce capabilities - to bring the best of both together.

We play our game because your clients only settle for the best, memorable and enjoyable customer experience.

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We follow simple rules in business and in life:

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No bullshit approach

We do not add glitter to what things are. Transparency and being straightforward, both in our life and communication, is at the top of our value list. Good or bad, we say how it is. Period.
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Work hard, play hard

We believe only hard work and taking risks give real, long-lasting results and value. We do not shy from making hard business choices and the hardships that might follow. Because every new challenge is an opportunity.
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Equality & Openness

We’re egalitarian in all aspects when it comes to each other and those whom we work with. All and any ideas are welcome and up for discussion with an open mind in our team.

Our team

Tamara Bolsewicz
CEO / Co-founder
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Jakub Mikołajczyk
CTO / Co-founder
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Filip Styczyński
Product Designer
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Błażej Stiskun
Full-stack Developer
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Michał Działek
Junior Full-stack Developer
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Hanna Śniegocka
Full Stack Board Assistant
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Magda Mazur-Milewska
Product Manager
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