Assisted shopping experience - why your clients want it and how it relates to live-stream shopping

eCommerce is a pretty broad term, with many types included in a word. When we think about it from the client’s perspective, we have online shopping in mind, and that’s it. However, when it comes to business, you should know the varieties that can be included in this experience. Today, we discuss assisted and live-stream shopping regarding B2C and B2B relations. Let’s start with the basics, check out examples and find out what kind of benefits these two options can bring to your company.

Assisted shopping is a trend in B2C and B2B eCommerce

What is live-stream shopping?

You can probably guess from the name - live-stream shopping means that the whole transaction happens via a streaming platform. The salesperson presents the offer, interacts with the audience in real-time, and answers their questions. Since a live stream is a more “natural” format, it is way more appealing than a pre-recorded, staged video. Nowadays, customers prefer such connections with brands - they want them to “have a face” and be normal, not flawless. That’s why live-stream shopping has become more popular in the last several years.

What’s important is that this form of eCommerce offers more advantages than just being a convenient, engaging way of selling products. It builds a positive image of the company, creates better relations between the brand and the customer, improves overall customer experience that leads to higher loyalty, and provides entertainment. People don’t want to see ads anymore. They want to have conversations with their favorite businesses and feel like they are friends. In a world where we install ad blocks and click “skip ad” almost every time, live-stream shopping is definitely a better way to show one’s products. In a way, it resembles watching YouTube or Netflix.

Live-stream shopping success stories in B2C

The whole trend has its roots in China and was adopted by Western companies some time ago. In 2020, and that’s also probably due to a pandemic, live-stream shopping was worth over $170 billion in China. It’s a great method to sell products when face-to-face contact is not recommended. Many businesses got interested in this method, including Amazon with its Live platform. Facebook also wants to enhance its Marketplace and Instagram Shopping with such features.

Globally recognized brands started investing in live-stream shopping events to determine their marketing potential and test the concept. At the end of 2020, Walmart launched a pilot fashion show on TikTok and increased its following by 25%. During the event, there were seven times more participants than initially expected. Tommy Hilfiger sold 1300 hoodies in two minutes while testing their live-stream program in China. Now they are extending it to North America and Europe.

The examples are multiple. Mainly from China, as they are pioneers of this method, but businesses from other locations slowly follow through, as they can see the potential. According to TechCrunch: “During Taobao’s annual Single’s Day Global Shopping Festival in 2020 (China’s Black Friday), livestreams accounted for $6 billion in sales — nearly doubled from a year earlier.” Who wouldn’t want to get involved?

Assisted shopping evolution - rapid change from offline to online

Assisted shopping is a concept that we know very well from the offline world. When you enter a boutique with clothes or shoes, you are approached by a clerk that will ask you questions and help you pick the best item to suit your needs. You get a personalized experience, and the product you purchase is adjusted to your size, style, and purpose of choice. That’s why we usually spend more time in brick-and-mortar stores - we talk to people, try several options on, compare them in different aspects (how they feel, what are the materials, and other details), and then we make a decision to buy or not.

This idea is now digitalized in various ways. It can be executed with the power of AI-based chatbots and voice bots, modern mobile app quizzes that pick the products based on the answers, or by connecting merchants with buyers via video calls for an authentic real-time conversation. The main benefit of such an approach is the possibility to reach out to potential customers no matter where they are located. Moreover, being able to offer products with individual requirements taken into consideration makes sales more successful.

Meetsales is a B2B solution that brings together live-stream shopping and assisted shopping. Our platform supports salespeople in remote transactions by giving them a video-calling platform with a built-in eCommerce module. This means that the products or services can be presented and bought during the online meeting, and the sales team member becomes an assistant that helps the client pick the right products and finalize the purchase.

How can Meetsales enhance B2B relations?

First of all, it offers an almost face-to-face-like experience, which is crucial for creating positive, close relationships between companies. The salesperson and the client who connect via Meetsales can speak in real-time, see each other with cameras, and discuss every essential matter for the buyer. It resembles live-stream shopping because the seller showcases the offer, talks about benefits, and supports the customer in their decision-making process. It also works like assisted shopping because all doubts and issues are immediately addressed, and the questions can be asked at any point.

At the same time, if you run a business, you know cost and time optimization are crucial. Thanks to Meetsales, no one has to spend their resources on meetings anymore. Instead, the parties connect from the comforts of their own offices (or even homes or other remote locations, if that’s their style!). Both organizations can focus on what’s really important - their transaction. Thanks to this B2B commerce model, customers can get the best possible offers from vendors in other countries or even continents. Their choice increases from several companies in their closest area to the ocean of possibilities with providers from all around the world.

Meetsales is a platform that is a one-stop shop for sales teams. It not only allows them to schedule video meetings and sell products, but they can also control their client list, analyze their activities, improve their performance and find areas for improvement. It’s a tool that helps enterprises get more effective at what they do.

How does Meetsales improve customer experience?

The system contains a simple video-calling platform similar to Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet. However, it has a built-in purchasing feature that is easy to use and intuitive, like in an ordinary eCommerce store. The process is relatively straightforward. The salesperson and the client meet up on a call and discuss the offer. The seller can present products, send links with specific data, answer questions and propose alternatives. When the buyer decides the quantity and the types of products they want to purchase, everything is added to a shopping cart and can be paid for right away. Meetsales also provides additional functionalities - for example, if a customer needs more time to think, the sales rep can schedule another meeting or send an offer via e-mail.

We’ve created a simple, usable, but powerful platform that is a perfect choice for different businesses. Customer experience was our highest priority when designing it. We wanted to connect people in tough post-pandemic times and also in a world where globalization means we buy from companies regardless of their location. With the help of software development, we’ve achieved our goals. Meetsales is an innovative app that mixes live-stream shopping, assisted shopping, B2B eCommerce, and so much more.

Interested? Sign up for a free trial and see for yourself how Meetsales can improve your B2B sales. You will get a video sales command center that will handle your team’s daily tasks and improve their workflow. Become the leader in your industry when it comes to the best shopping experience. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

Customer experience builds loyalty
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