How a simple widget can help you win high-quality leads

At the beginning of the internet era, finding potential clients and selling them some goods was super easy. However, when the users’ awareness started to grow, marketers had to find more creative ways to make their brands visible and build authentic relationships with their online audience. We live in a world that is shaped by short attention-spanned customers. People want to access data fast and need convenient ways to do so. Not to mention, they often disregard all kinds of forced ads and pop-ups. So, how to run a business when the competition is fierce? How to break through the noise of the digital environment? Today we talk about widgets.

Widget as a game changer

Paid traffic - when does it not work?

You search for something in Google, and the first few results have a badge that says “ad”. Most of us assume that if a company pays for positioning, they have something great to offer. It’s not always the case. Some people do it to get lots of traffic, even though they have nothing valuable to give. Maybe a sale or two will happen as well. However, usually these are just empty visits that last for a couple of seconds at best. A high bounce rate is unavoidable in this situation, and let’s be honest - it’s not what makes your business thrive.

Moreover, experts have claimed that traffic doesn’t matter as much as engagement for some time now. The same goes for social media followers. We don’t want to gather people in one place, we want to have an impact. If we have a loyal, trusting customer base, that’s when sales happen. So we try everything to catch the user’s eye and make them interested in our products or services. The ultimate goal is to provide a personalized, positive experience.

One way to do that is to implement widgets, bots, exit pop-ups, or other tools that will push the customers towards the next step on their shopping journey. What’s important is the way we do it. We already mentioned that people usually are not fond of the things that suddenly appear in front of their eyes on a website they are browsing.

Widgets and bots - are they liked by people?

Well… it depends. Many marketing specialists claim it’s still one of the best ways to grab the potential client’s attention. It allows a person who needs more information or assistance to directly connect with a customer service rep. Or a chatbot that is responsible for handling such requests. It can give the user a feeling of individual treatment, and if they get their response quickly, it shows that the brand cares. In many situations, such bots and widgets can be a great way of solving problems and supporting customers.

The biggest issue here is that they are not always the best in executing sales strategies. If a bot is used to promote products or services and is pushy in doing so, the customer will most likely be more demotivated to buy anything. Add a chat box popping up every few seconds in the lower-right corner of the browser, and they will definitely close the website before any action might occur. Not to mention the poor UX that often makes bots useless for people who really want to find particular data but are unable to do so.

We want straightforward, convenient access to information sources when we really need them. That being said, most users prefer clever advertising and building brand image over any pressure that supposedly should lead to sales. There are better ways to get in touch with potential clients and make this process successful. And a widget certainly can be involved.

It’s worth mentioning successful implementations like LiveChat, Tidio, or SentiOne. These are out-of-the-box solutions that offer chatbots, voice bots, and dedicated widgets and do it right. Based on modern AI algorithms, exquisite design, and personalized experience, they fulfill the goals of such solutions and help companies to elevate their customer service and other growth-related goals.

Want to sell your products? Do it right!

Especially in B2B transactions, curating a thought-through, professional approach to sales is crucial to achieving excellent relations with customers. That means talking to clients in person, presenting them a tailor-made offer, and assisting them every step of the way. A widget can only be the first step on that path. Such matters require the presence of your experienced team. Website-embedded tools can still be used to optimize and improve customer support, or… to schedule video calls with your salespeople.

Nowadays, we want to work and do business remotely, but that doesn’t mean all sales should be made by email. For most of us, it’s time-consuming and annoying. We all want things to happen here and now. Talking face-to-face is the best way to get to know your client better, help them pick the best products for their goals, and answer all of their burning questions. Using a platform that supports online sales in the B2B sector, like Meetsales, helps your team get better at what they do. It’s usable, convenient, and offers features that no other video calling system has.

It’s a total game changer! Your employees can be in touch with customers, schedule appointments, and present offers despite every party’s location. Doing business with international organizations becomes as easy as ABC. Moreover, during a call, your customers can immediately purchase products they are interested in. With Meetsales, you can provide a truly unique experience to each one of your clients. In return, you get analytical data that can be used for better decision-making and improvement of your process. Implement our widget on your website, and you will get access to ultimate benefits.

All the benefits of using Meetsales

You will see excellent results if you re-direct your efforts from traffic to building genuine relationships with your partners. Emotions towards your company will shift because every customer will feel taken care of. Growth in sales and overall brand awareness will also be noticeable. A high amount of website visitors can’t really bring you any money or fulfill your business needs, but talking to people who want to buy from you definitely can.

Because Meetsales is a one-stop shop for sales teams, you can also expect it to elevate your process and help your employees organize their work, get more effective and improve areas that were not as well-handled before. It’s great for not only sales reps but also their managers and other company members that require insight into this area of operations. The organizational value of Meetsales is undeniable. Not to mention its cost-effectiveness due to its numerous features - emailing, calendar, client list, video calls, sales, and analytics.

It's a win-win-win situation. For your clients, as they get what they want quickly by talking to real humans and for your salespeople, as they can stay working remotely, have access to an excellent tool that helps them to close their deals and for yourself (or your management), as they can check out the numbers, improve the sales process and plan their activities more precisely than ever.

Could Meetsales be something for you? Reach out to us, and let’s talk about your business. Especially if you were using ordinary widgets and bots until now without seeing any impressive results. We will show you how you can create professional relationships that last and skyrocket your sales with the help of our outstanding widget. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

Customer experience builds loyalty
Level up your sales game with the power of video, data, and automation.

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