How Meetsales can be fully integrated with your eCommerce and why?

We all seek a personalized experience when we browse through the internet. Whether using social media, buying products, booking medical appointments, or searching for the best services in our nearest area, we want everything to be tailor-made with our preferences in mind. eCommerce is a sector where creating individual paths and offers provides the best results. That’s why companies look for platforms and tools to support their efforts.

Picking the right platform to build and host an online store is one thing, but they usually don’t provide all the required features for the whole sales process. Meetsales can be an excellent addition for all organizations that want their B2B relationships built on genuine, personal relations. Let’s take a closer look at the capabilities that Meetsales offers.

Meetsales x eCommerce

Why should you consider Meetsales integration with your eCommerce platform?

Mostly because systems like Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce don’t have the functionalities Meetsales provides. They are eCommerce systems that allow all sellers to create their online stores, make product pages, control inventory, and even do simple marketing activities. When looking for goods on the internet, every shop you visit stands on one of these platforms (or one of many others we didn’t mention). Knowing that, we have to also think about the characteristics of B2B transactions. They are usually much more expensive than B2C. Also, until recently, most deals between businesses were done via face-to-face contact. That’s why ordinary eCommerce platforms have to be adjusted to conquer new challenges and make remote sales more successful.

By adding Meetsales to your eCommerce store, you get access to a one-stop shop packed with various options for all included parties. Customer experience becomes seamless and highly positive, your sales team receives the support they need to make their work superb and the management can easily optimize the process to get even more profit.

We offer a video calling app with a built-in shopping cart that enables real-time sales with assisted experience. How does it work? Simple. Your sales rep and customer can connect despite their location - all they need is a computer or a mobile device, internet access, a camera, and a microphone. During their conversation, your employee presents the offer and answers all the questions. The desired products are added to the cart, and when the client is ready, they can purchase them with a few clicks.

The way Meetsales works is different from any other software you have seen before, although it might resemble Zoom, Skype, or Google Meets in some parts. The eCommerce features within the video calling module distinguish it significantly from the competition. And besides that, it also has a calendar and scheduling feature and analytics to improve your sales process. It’s a complete solution for all B2B sellers that want to elevate their operations with one simple addition to their ordinary eCommerce store.

Introducing the Meetsales widget - how it can improve your sales?

One particular feature we want to mention is the Meetsales widget - a simple, well-known method of increasing sales. But in our case, it’s not the same as ordinary eCommerce widgets - it’s not based on chatbots or any premade scripts. Instead of popping up randomly and pushing sales with content that is not necessarily interesting for the user, it allows your potential client to schedule an individual video meeting with an expert. This way, you start building valuable relationships with customers from their first visit to your website. It’s also great for preventing cart abandonment, which we’ll discuss below.

We believe that talking face-to-face (even via video call and not in person) forms solid foundations for long-term partnerships. Meetsales boosts ROI because it allows your company to reach out and support your clients on their eCommerce journey. All the questions are answered, and everything is explained right away, so if a customer has any doubts, they can discuss them immediately - which decreases the risk of cart abandonment and makes the chances to finalize transactions more solid.

We should also mention that with tools like Meetsales, you can strongly expand your client base, as you are not limited by your own location. Reaching out to international prospects and offering them a one-of-a-kind experience that no other provider offers is the best way to win customers and grow profits.

Cart abandonment - the biggest problem and how to conquer it

Let’s talk a little bit more about cart abandonment. We already discussed this topic on our blog, but we think it’s worth mentioning, as it’s one of the biggest problems in eCommerce that Meetsales helps to solve. In this previous article, we talked about a scary stat - according to Statista, in 2021, the cart abandonment rate was from 60% to even 90%, depending on the industry. This means that in many cases, people added products to their cart, but they never finished the purchase. It’s a nightmare for any business, but there are very particular reasons why it happens.

B2B customers expect a personalized experience, guidance, and a short, non-complicated process. However, many stores don’t offer these qualities, which means they lose numerous chances to close deals with people that stumble upon their stores. With Meetsales, you provide all three requirements:

  • It’s personalized because the customer speaks to a dedicated salesperson that creates an offer based on their individual needs.
  • There’s guidance because all questions are answered immediately, and everything is explained in real-time.
  • The process is straightforward, as the customer can purchase picked goods right away during a video call - with the sales rep’s assistance.

The conclusion is simple - Meetsales is an excellent resolution when it comes to cart abandonment. Implement it in your eCommerce store, and you will see the positive change really soon!

To sum it up

At Meetsales, we thought about everything. Our team analyzed all the burning problems of the B2B eCommerce sector and decided to build a remedy. We’ve managed to develop a platform that became a universal toolkit for sales teams, no matter their industry and the country they work from. Now it boosts their success rates, helps them organize their work and stay on top of their planned events, provides them with insights about their productivity and effectiveness, and so much more.

If you want to join them and make your eCommerce game on point, reach out to us. We will help you integrate Meetsales with your platform of choice. Also, you will get support from our specialists that will teach you how to use our solution and make your business thrive. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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