How Meetsales can make sales more eco-friendly?

Sales can be one of the most energy-intensive departments at any company. The more you sell, the more effort you have to make to close deals. However, this comes with a rather unpleasant side effect - sending out trucks for deliveries, as well as paying for travel expenses for salespeople. On top of that, meetings also require a lot of time and money, which could be spent on finding new clients instead. Going green in that area could give our planet some relief and optimize your enterprise’s operations.

Today, we will try to answer a simple question: can you sell your products while being more environment-friendly?

Eco-friendly remote B2B sales with Meetsales

Why caring about the planet should be vital for your business?

When you think of the term eco-friendly, things like recycling, buying local, and using hybrid cars probably circle your mind. Going green became a part of our culture and is so prominent that most companies are actively incorporating it into their sales, marketing, and other activities. According to Behavioural Study on Consumers’ Engagement in the Circular Economy from 2018: “(...) recent Eurobarometer research has shown that 77 % of EU citizens are generally willing to pay somewhat more for products if they are confident that they are environmentally friendly.” In other words, it is rare to find clients who do not want to do business with companies that care about the world and its condition.

For many businesses, being eco-friendly means not only sustainability but also profitability. We could discuss the ethical sides of this phenomenon (for example, the amount of greenwashing), but if they do something good for the environment and their growth, it’s an attitude that many would appreciate. Some companies still don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the environment. They definitely should. Their long-term business goals must include being kinder to the planet, as their actions can contribute to the depletion of our resources and carry negative consequences for future generations.

With more and more organizations looking to improve their sales, the environmentally friendly remote B2B approach is becoming a growing trend. Remote workers tend to significantly reduce the amount of energy throughout their working days. Every year, the world spends more than $150 billion on office supplies. The majority of that is wasted on printing, mailing, and paper-related costs. This means that not only are enterprises throwing their money away (as everything can be digitized nowadays) - they contribute to rising carbon emissions, too. If you’re an eco-conscious business owner, or want to contribute to a greener tomorrow, then remote B2B sales might be the right way to go.

How to make your sales process more eco-friendly?

Let’s say you want to go green and do it right. There are several things you could do in order to improve your sales department, so it can become more sustainable, eco-friendly, and optimized. Moreover, we should mention that the old sales techniques are outdated anyway, as they don’t suit the modern world’s needs and expectations. Thus, updating your operations will result in numerous benefits to your employees and company.

In today’s fast-paced society, many salespeople are being pushed to close sales faster. Betting on face-to-face strategies to do so can harm the environment. Think of pollution caused by plane and car travels or the amount of waste produced by traditional offices. Going remote and digitizing every possible process is the best way to reduce carbon emissions and decrease other other factors damaging the planet.

According to Forbes, remote work in most cases lowers the negative footprint of companies and individual employees. Giving your sales team a chance to work from home is one way to make your business greener, even if you prefer a hybrid model instead of a full remote. Nevertheless, visiting the office might be one of your salespeople's duties. The other duty they might have is meeting with potential clients. We’ve got a solution to make sales meetings better for the environment, cost-optimized, and convenient.

How does Meetsales contribute to the eco-friendly remote B2B sales trend?

As a one-stop shop for sales teams, we can offer a plethora of advantages that come with the implementation of Meetsales within your company. We approached this topic from another perspective (regarding costs and process optimization) in one of our previous articles. We talked about how remote B2B sales can reduce travel expenses, fleet costs, and budgets needed for dinners or other in-person meetings. These exact benefits are also the reason why our product helps companies go greener.

Consider this: our world suffers from climate change and experiences destabilization of its natural ecosystem because we use too many resources and produce too much waste. As we’ve mentioned above, going remote can significantly reduce this impact. With Meetsales your team gets a robust sales command center that allows them to control their client lists, schedule video calls, and close deals remotely, regardless of their location. It’s not only an excellent tool to boost your business. It saves money, simplifies the process, and gives Earth relief. Imagine how you would increase your carbon footprint by flying your crew to another continent for a single transaction! With Meetsales, you don’t have to do that.

We believe that our platform can fulfill several missions to improve people’s lives, the businesses they run, and the overall situation when it comes to current global events. Our product was born during a pandemic - a hard time for the world that required bold, innovative solutions that would support organizations so they could continue their work while keeping their people safe. And it offers so much more. Meetsales meets the requirements of a modern society, where digitalization and remoteness are appreciated, as they fulfill many goals that we have to address to make our future better - work-life balance, business sustainability, and international collaboration.

Do you want to join this movement and start using Meetsales? Reach out to us and let’s discuss your vision. If you care about the environment, our platform can be the next step towards your company’s progress in that area. Investing in our product means you will also see other pros along the way. We can’t wait to talk to you. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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