How to enter digital sales in no time with Meetsales SaaS

eCommerce is a non-stop growing trend. It is predicted that by 2040, 95% of B2B transactions will be done online, which means that traditional retail will be almost extinct. In the upcoming years, this sector will reach more than $6.5 trillion in sales. These statistics are impressive and likely to come true. Digital transformation is now a must for companies that want to stay relevant. Moreover, the COVID-19 sped things up and created an even bigger demand for digital services that are convenient, available 24/7, and safe when we need social distancing but still want to run a business.

Is it hard to build an eCommerce platform for an enterprise? It might be. If you pick a provider that doesn’t implement smart, innovative solutions, it can get quite expensive and time-consuming. That’s why, if you want a future-proof solution that will meet your requirements and elevate your operations, you need to find a provider with a product that can do just that.

that is supposed to illusrate how Meetsales SaaS can change the way we look at eCommerce

Meetsales - your way to enter the eCommerce world

There are many platforms, systems, and apps that support online sales. Some of them are suitable for aspiring digital store owners, others are perfect for B2B enterprises. You need a simple solution that will help you handle your customers, schedule appointments, present the offer in the most attractive way and finalize every transaction comfortably for all involved parties.

Meetsales is a perfect tool for all businesses that sell significant quantities of goods, costly things or have comprehensive offers that can be individually adjusted to the client’s needs. It’s a video conference app where salespeople can present their proposals in real-time and share an eCommerce module with the person they talk to, so they can purchase products while still on a call. It resembles a face-to-face sales meeting but happens in an online environment, which is perfect in times of the pandemic, but also for companies that want to sell their products despite their location.

Moreover, with Meetsales you gain complete control over your client list. Every employee with access to the account can schedule meetings, send individual e-mail offers (for example, as follow-ups after calls), and analyze their workflow to get even better at what they do. Additionally, the managers can check out the data collected by the app to find out how the sales are going on.

How can Meetsales no-commerce benefit your company?

You might not have an eCommerce platform that drives your company’s sales, and that’s fine. However, if your transactions were done mainly face-to-face or via phone calls until now, Meetsales can be a perfect tool for you. You will gain a tool that will support your digitalization process, help you grow profits, and give you a chance to continue your operations even in remote mode.

You don’t have to build your eCommerce store quickly. You can put these efforts towards other things or outsource it to another company so that they can do it the right way. With Meetsales, you get a ready-to-use system that can be utilized for scheduling meetings and finalizing sales. It’s basically a solution that takes your team’s efforts to another level.

Whether you already have a CRM, or it will be your first attempt at getting things done in the online environment, with our product, you will organize your work and control all activities associated with sales. If you have some kind of platform set up already, Meetsales can integrate with it for advanced features and an improved approach to your B2B customers.

Why do we think Meetsales no commerce is so great?

Basically, if a company has an eCommerce store up and running, they have strong support for their digital sales. Meanwhile, enterprises that are building their online shop at the moment or are operating on other business models need tools as well. With the power of technology we implemented in Meetsales, they don’t have to hurry up and implement an eCommerce platform that is done without attention to detail. Also, many B2B transactions are more successful when done “in-person”, even when that face-to-face contact happens via the internet.

We provide convenience and something that no other video calling app can offer. With Meetsales, your sales process will look exactly like in real life, no matter what’s your employee’s location. Actually, it might be even easier, as no one has to bring product samples - everything will be displayed on the screen. The purchasing can also happen with just a few clicks, and everything will be automatically registered within the system. That allows you to analyze your team’s performance and improve their work to see even better results in the future.

We are planning to expand this solution to make it more robust, functional, and usable. Our goal is to make it a complete command center for salespeople and their managers. As more and more B2B transactions will be done online, we can call ourselves pioneers when it comes to platforms that connect video calling, eCommerce, meeting calendar, data analysis, customer management, and so much more. We want the sales experience to be seamless and successful for all involved sides.

Interested? Schedule a demo and get to know Meetsales today!

Right now, you can innovate with us and sign up for the pilot version of Meetsales. You will be one of the first people to test it and improve it alongside our squad. Reach out to us before the end of 2021, and we will give you two months for free in return. It’s a unique opportunity to become a part of this ambitious project. With your feedback, we will be able to make it even more perfect and adjusted to our customers’ demands! Are you looking for a multipurpose sales solution? Let’s chat about your needs. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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