How to leverage the fact that you can sell more online than in person?

The internet offers many advantages to enterprises, no matter what they do. In fact, turning your business towards digital sales is the best way to effectively increase its profit. We should mention here the Amazon Effect - it indicates that nowadays, more consumers buy products online than anywhere else. This means selling online is indeed a solid strategy for companies of all sizes and sectors. With so much tech available, eCommerce is the best way to reach customers both locally and globally. Here are some of the most important benefits of this approach compared to in-person sales.

sell more online

Why should you sell your products online?

Selling products and services online offers numerous advantages for both businesses and customers. Enterprises can grow in the global environment and most importantly increase their earnings. On the other hand, customers can review, compare and buy products from the comfort of their own homes. This in turn saves time, particularly if they want to purchase pricey items like vehicles, heavy machinery, and computer hardware.

Online sales became extremely popular. Total reach through digital channels will eventually surpass the possible reach of physical stores. Many entrepreneurs have noticed these trends a while ago and have established an online presence early. Sales teams have taken advantage of this shift by tailoring their strategies to their target customers. Digitalization became a necessity. It has provided a range of benefits to many industries and showed that sales can happen without face-to-face meetings. Let’s take a closer look at the main pros of online sales and how you can use Meetsales to utilize them and skyrocket your business.

Benefit no. 1: Saving resources that would be spent on trips

Selling online means saving money on trips and other travel expenses. It will free up more time for managing business and other activities. Businesses don’t have to worry about paying for an office space or for maintaining it. Remote work became a new standard during the pandemic and customers got used to this new reality. They won’t mind that instead of flying to them, the salesperson just schedules a call.

With the right tools, businesses can sell products and services across the globe without having to move anywhere. For example, with Meetsales, they can create an almost sales pitch-like experience, assist their client while they are placing an order and answer all questions while on a call with them. Moreover, the purchase can still be made while in the meeting with a simple shopping cart mechanism.

Meetsales can also be used to track all sales activities, eliminating the need for paperwork or other systems. Statistics gathered by the platform are perfect for analysis and future decision-making that is necessary to improve the process. All of that while the employees are sitting at the office (or at home). Investing in the right tools will save you money. Cutting the number of trips is the best way to balance the budget and get better results.

Benefit no. 2: Reducing fleet costs significantly

Maintenance, fuel, and personal expenses multiplied by each vehicle in their fleet will cost entrepreneurs thousands annually. This can be especially hard to justify in face of the pandemic, inflation, and other economic difficulties when the resources are tight already. Selling online can help reduce these expenses by decreasing the number of vehicles and miles driven.

For instance, when selling products through Meetsales, you can ship them via external companies or even allow your clients to pick the products themselves. You don’t have to hire internal employees to deliver your goods, thus you don’t pay for their salaries, gas and repairs. You can also pick a hybrid model and keep a reduced fleet.

Also, you have to remember that in B2B, in-person sales usually mean that members of your team have their own cars. They sometimes drive hundreds of kilometers per week and also have to get fuel or visit a mechanic once in a while. It’s much cheaper, safer, and convenient just to let them do their job in a digital environment. Your customers will also appreciate how comfortable and quick it is to do business online.

Benefit no. 3: Paying less for dinners and parties with potential clients

Dinner with a prospect is an excellent way to build strong bonds with a future client-to-be. Attending parties can bring you many new leads and present your business in the best possible way. Contacting people in person is sometimes necessary in order to build foundations for long-term partnerships. However, there is one thing that we can’t forget about - it can get expensive. 

It’s a good idea to use both methods in business and combine online sales with occasional meetings. Make them count and invest in memorable scenery, so your company stands out. It’s better to pay for high-quality events that feel special occasionally than to spend a lot on frequent, ordinary lunches.

While selling online, your team can focus on what matters the most: finding new potential buyers, presenting the offer to existing contacts, and managing orders for top-notch customer service. This will bring more value to your company and will be greatly appreciated. The rule is simple - firstly, take care of the main internal process to make it flawless, secondly add something extra to impress your customers and stand out from the competition.

Benefit no. 4: Having more meetings per day

Selling online allows the sales team to arrange more meetings in a comparable period of time. Taking into consideration various factors like driving to the location, potential delays, and the need to set up presentation equipment. Usually, one employee can have three, tops five meetings in a day. With tools like Meetsales, scheduling calls takes seconds and hosting them is seamless.

We should also mention that you can spend a lot of money on face-to-face meetings and still be unsuccessful. Our goal when building Meetsales was to create a straightforward experience, where the client receives personal assistance during the whole process. Meanwhile, the salesperson can get insight into their activities and detect potential weaknesses to eliminate. They usually close more orders and increase profits, too.

Again, we believe it’s better to host shorter but meaningful calls - that result in specific actions - than to spend hours (and money) on meetings that can lead to nowhere. Meetsales is all about process optimization. At the same time, we support enterprises that want to enter foreign markets or digitalize their businesses. With us, you get a plethora of advantages that can improve the work of your sales team. We know that it’s crucial to meet your company’s financial goals.

To sum it up

We are confident there are more benefits we could talk about and we will discuss them on our blog in the near future. Today, we have focused on reducing costs that we believe are not necessary in a digitized, fast-paced world. Our market research shows that modern B2B clients expect to receive individual, professional treatment while respecting their precious time. With a one-stop shop like Meetsales, all of the above can be achieved. The salesperson helps the client pick the best products and purchase them. Your customer knows exactly what they are going to get.

With Meetsales, it’s much easier to reach international markets, as well as compete with the biggest competitors in your particular niche. With this in mind, investing in a command center that allows you to control the sales process is one of the best decisions you can make nowadays. Reach out to us, so we can help you skyrocket your business and reduce costs. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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