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Let us introduce the new, highly anticipated feature of Meetsales that makes our Video Commerce tool even more powerful in terms of the remote customer service - Instant Meetings!

Instant Meetings feature is revolutionizing the way businesses connect with their potential clients. By allowing clients to easily schedule virtual meetings with salespeople, this feature streamlines the sales process and enables sales reps to provide instant assistance with just a blink of an eye. As B2B expectations continue to shift towards a more B2C approach, Instant Meetings helps businesses stay ahead of the curve by providing a convenient and personalized customer experience that drives revenue and builds strong relationships.

Instant Meetings

How do Instant Meetings feature work?

Step 1  - The salesperson needs to turn on the "Open to contact" toggle

Step 2 - The client needs to share the contact details booking a call

Step 3 - The client is selecting a meeting type - instant video meeting or pick a scheduler

Step 4 - The salesperson receives the information on an awaiting video meeting

Step 5 - In seconds they both can meet and discuss the offer

Still not sure if it is the right feature for your organization? We have recently recorded a quick feature go-through where we present it step by step. Let’s take a look at that:

Why should I use the Instant Meetings feature?

There are several reasons why Instant Meetings could be your new revenue stream and support for your omnichannel strategy:

Convenient scheduling

Your potential clients can easily schedule instant meetings with salespeople via the website widget, eliminating the need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls to coordinate schedules. With the ability to meet in seconds, sales reps and clients can quickly connect and start the conversation without any delays from any device.

Flexible availability

Sales reps have control over their availability for instant meetings, allowing them to turn on and off the feature as needed. If a sales rep is not available for an instant meeting, the client will be automatically redirected to the meetings scheduler, where they can pick a date and time that works for both parties, ensuring that meetings are scheduled when the sales rep is available.

Improved communication

By enabling immediate virtual meetings, the Instant Meetings feature helps to improve communication between sales reps and clients, allowing them to discuss important matters in real-time. The ability to schedule and conduct instant meetings with ease provides a more convenient and personalized experience for clients, helping to build stronger relationships and increase the chances of closing deals.

Schedule a product demo to check Meetsales in action!

Want to find out more on Instant Meetings and other features of Meetsales as well? Schedule a video meeting via our "Schedule a demo" Meetsales widget available on the right-hand side at the bottom of our website. Our consultant will guide you through the tool and answer all your questions!

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