Hello world! Meetsales is live

After a year of hard work, hours spent on polishing every feature of our product, and many challenges we had to overcome - here it is. Meetsales is officially live and ready to be bought as a SaaS solution to all companies that want to elevate their remote B2B sales. We are definitely not finished yet, although we are certain that the current version of our solution will already be a valuable addition to your internal tool stack. Give it a shot, and you will be surprised how easy online sales can be!

Meetsales is live

Why should you pick Meetsales as your sales command center?

First and foremost, it is a great way to take your remote B2B sales to the next level. Thanks to our video-based system with CRM functionalities, a website widget, and numerous integrations, you will step up your company’s game when it comes to closing deals and client satisfaction. We like to say that Meetsales is a one-stop shop for sales professionals and their managers because it’s true. Here’s why.

Reason number one is that we enable remote operations and make them as seamless as they can be. We live in a world where employees often prefer to stay in their home office and want the ability to work from wherever they are. Moreover, using our app is not only a benefit for your salespeople. You can do business with clients from all over the world and save tons of time and money that otherwise would be spent on trips and face-to-face meetings. Since research shows that B2B decision-makers also prefer digital sales transactions over in-person ones, it’s a win-win situation for every party.

Second of all, with our solution, the optimization of your resources becomes simple. Thanks to the streamlined sales process conducted via Meetsales, your team is always organized, up-to-date with their tasks, and in constant touch with their clients. Using our analytics module, you can utilize data to make better decisions, motivate your team, and cut back the activities that don’t provide expected results.

Meetsales is an all-in-one product, so you can rely on it to handle your operations. It will help your team get better at what they do on a daily basis. Managing customer data, updating it, scheduling calls, sending emails, presenting products, generating offers, processing payments and much more can be done within one system. Everything is synchronized, and many functions are automated to boost work productivity. It’s a perfect tool for B2B sales teams, no matter if they are just entering the online realm, or they are experienced but need a game-changer that will help them scale.

What is available in our first live version?

If you read our roadmap blog post, you know we have ambitious expansion plans for the upcoming months. However, our product is already a quite high-end solution with main features ready to support your sales team. The whole general architecture is prepared to let your salespeople and clients schedule calls, talk on video meetings, discuss the products presented on the screen, agree upon offers, negotiate discounts, and process payments. Automated notification emails are also available to make the communication process effective on both sides.

Our B2B sales platform also provides a CRM system for the team to manage their clients and meetings. Being on top of daily tasks is an excellent method to achieve the best level of productivity. One of the features we are proud of is the website widget that allows customers to pick their preferred date and time to schedule a meeting with a salesperson. This way, your website visitors can be converted into prospects and then become long-term business partners.

Last but not least, we put a lot of effort into integrations. Meetsales will ultimately cooperate with numerous CRMs, PIMs, ERPs, eCommerce apps, payment gateways, and more. Right now, we connect external providers with our platform via API, based on clients’ requests. Every company that already has some tools implemented in their sales department can add Meetsales to it or even replace some of the programs they use with the all-in-one solution we provide.

Invest in Meetsales today!

The 14-day free trial option is still a work in progress, but if you are interested in our solution and want to find out how it works, we invite you to schedule a demo with our rep. You will learn more about our sales command center and its features that might be useful for your own company. We want to become the ultimate remedy to all problems sales teams have to face every day. To achieve that, we work hard on our product’s growth.

We are finally live, which is an enormous success! Our team has spent months tailoring Meetsales to fulfill the market expectations and refining every feature to make them work exactly as predicted. All that led to this day right now. We can proudly say it was definitely worth it. Don’t forget to check out our blog regularly and follow us on LinkedIn to be always up-to-date with news from our space. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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