Why should you consider Meetsales over your usual video platform?

There are several things that changed our world in the last decade. The technological expansion pushed many business transactions into the online environment, we received tools to support digital sales and the COVID-19 pandemic was a bitter “cherry on top” that almost completely cut back our face-to-face meetings with clients, stakeholders, and employees. Desperate times call for innovative, convenient measures, isn’t that right?

There are dozens or even hundreds of apps that are supposed to make our work lives better. They offer resource management, video calls, file sharing, data analysis and so much more. We have various tools to improve our activities and help us to be more productive. However, did you ever hear someone saying: I’m glad I use so much software to get my work in order? We know the answer is no.

that is supposed to illusrate the point of to consider Meetsales over other, well-known video platforms

Meetsales - your online sales command center

It is proved that the human brain is always trying to simplify things. If you see a flower, you see it as a whole - not individual petals. If you see a piece of furniture, you can always tell if it’s a chair or a table, no matter what shape or color it is. We categorize all the items in this world because if we gave thought to every single element and detail around us, we wouldn’t be able to comprehend all of that efficiently.

It’s the same when it comes to working apps. We want software that can multitask. It’s not convenient when you have to check your client list in one place, schedule your calls in another and do the sales elsewhere, too. That’s when Meetsales comes in handy. It’s your sales command center where you can create offers, streamline and automate mailings, set up reminders about follow-ups and so much more.

What exactly is Meetsales?

We’ve created the platform as a one-stop-shop for sales teams. Simply put, it’s a tool for remote sales with innovative features within its video call module. But it can do so much more. Meetsales is an out-of-the-box API-first system based on MACH architecture. We would say that it’s a video conferencing app with eCommerce frontend and CRM-ish features. It can also integrate with external ERPs, CRMs, and eCommerce systems if you already have them implemented in your company. What’s most important, is the functionalities it provides. Checking the list of clients, scheduling online meetings, and presenting the offer while talking on the camera is just the beginning. There’s so much more you can get from this product.

What distinguishes Meetsales from other similar apps is that it enables your employees to finalize transactions while still on a call. How? It has a built-in shopping cart where the client sees all the products in real-time and can decide if they want to buy them during the sales pitch. When they decide to purchase, they simply click “buy” and everything happens like in an ordinary eCommerce store. It’s a perfect sales tool for companies that want to operate in multiple markets, no matter their location. Also, it’s an excellent solution when social distancing is required. Convenient, because everything can be done with a computer and an internet connection.

Need proof that it makes sense? According to a McKinsey study on B2B sales: “More than three quarters of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions—a sentiment that has steadily intensified even after lockdowns have ended.” That precisely means these interactions have to be adjusted to happen more naturally in the online environment. Meetsales is the answer to that trend. The same researcher proved that B2B customers exceeded the barrier of higher digital transactions and 97% are now willing to spend more than $50 000 while purchasing miscellaneous items from their partners. It’s a huge chance for all types of businesses. 

What else Meetsales has to offer?

First of all, it offers a full insight into the team’s work for managers. They can monitor the sales process and see the progress of each employee involved. This way, they can look for stages that need improvements and eliminate any unproductive tasks. The dashboard also includes an analytics module to control all the statistics and create reports.

Meetsales also promotes productivity with its usability and user experience. All the data can be easily found, everything is in place and the calendar feature allows the team to be always up-to-date with their planned meetings. Through that, they can build stronger professional relationships with all the customers and get rid of potential mistakes or disruptions. If the client wants to think about the offer after the video call, the sales staff can send individual e-mails with all the needed details and simple purchasing instructions.

Why should you pick Meetsales over Zoom or other video platforms?

Because it’s not just another app for video calls. No other product on the market has an internal module for the clients to browse and purchase products offered by your company while still on a meeting. Also, it’s so much more than Zoom, Google Meet, or any similar software. It has features known from CRMs and PIMs to manage the client list, send invitations for meetings and analyze the whole sales process. It can be your one complete solution to handle this part of your operations. We are strong support for omnichannel sales that also offers professional customer experience for its clients.

Moreover, one of the main advantages of our platform are numerous integrations with external apps that you might already use to run your business - for example one of them is Outlook, to give the salespeople a true feeling of control when it comes to their time and tasks. If you have your central system that is full of important data, you can either import it into your Meetsales account or connect both tools together to build your own, perfect ecosystem. The benefit of using our product however you please is what makes it unique and valuable for your organization. If you only need a video call platform for sales presentations with real-time purchasing, it’s still a good choice.

Should you invest in Meetsales?

Definitely! If you are an eCommerce company, or you run your business by selling products to B2B clients, Meetsales is a perfect solution for you. No matter what industry you operate in, what is your technical background, and if you require a client management platform or a video calling app, we can guarantee that choosing our platform will be beneficial for your business. It’s great for complicated, layered, or expensive products, too. We know that they used to be hard to sell online, but it changes with our platform and the general trends in digital B2B eCommerce.

We are still looking for partners that are willing to test our pilot version. If you want to check out Meetsales as one of the first companies on the market, we are waiting for your message until the end of 2021. It’s a great opportunity to co-create this innovative solution and with this partnership, you will gain two months for free. Let’s talk about your business, and we will take your individual needs into consideration. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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