Meetsales roadmap: What's next for our product?

In April 2022, Meetsales goes live. It’s an enormous step for us. We know that there are a lot of B2B sellers that are waiting to see our product in action. It’s still evolving - our team is constantly working on improving it, adding new features, and polishing the design in order to make the final version a true masterpiece. We want you to be informed about our future plans, so we decided to showcase the Meetsales roadmap. You can learn what to expect from the first live appearance in April and what comes after the initial release.

Meetsales roadmap

A product’s roadmap is usually used by the team and managers to plan out forthcoming features and updates. It is useful to show company executives, stakeholders, and external clientele how the project will evolve over time. We have a clear plan for Meetsales’ expansion and we want to share it with you. Let’s begin with what matters the most.

What has been done so far?

Our work on Meetsales began in 2021, when our founders, Tamara and Jakub, noticed that the pandemic is not going to leave us anytime soon. After a year of disruptions in every aspect of our personal and professional lives, it became clear that there’s no coming back to pre-pandemic state. The idea for our platform was born out of market observations and research. The popularity of Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams skyrocketed when COVID-19 made us work remotely. However, these tools aren’t great for conducting sales, as they are simple video calling systems. Meetsales was created solely to support salespeople that couldn’t meet face-to-face with their clients anymore.

Our project began with an R&D stage and concept building. Afterwards, we proceeded with MVP development. The first pilots were enrolled in the last year’s 3rd quarter, and we started them at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The MVP was released in January 2022.

What is included in the MVP version of Meetsales?

We’ve been working intensely on the core features of our platform to make it work properly before the MVP release and pilot programs. We are certain Meetsales will evolve and eventually offer more functionalities than it already contains - you can read about them below. However, it’s already a fully fledged sales command center with a built-in eCommerce for B2B sellers and their clients.

What will they gain when they give Meetsales a shot? The full-on system for scheduling calls, hosting meetings, and presenting products while on a video meeting is already developed and it works perfectly fine. Moreover, all of our partners have access to their client list and other CRM options, allowing them better control over their operations. If they want to integrate their Meetsales platform with external apps, we can definitely prepare such features for them. We would also like to mention our website widget that automatically allows prospects to book appointments with salespeople when they visit your online space.

What’s coming next?

2022 - the year of expansion & integrations

We want to reassure the robustness, reliability, and scalability of our product. That’s why we want to prepare a SaaS version of Meetsales based on a cloud architecture before the year ends. This way, even corporations that handle thousands of transactions a day will be able to optimize their work and become more effective with the help of our platform. Thanks to our advanced analytics module, directors and managers will have a possibility to oversee their employees’ work and make better decisions when it comes to workflow improvements and adjustments. All of that via a usable admin panel with an exquisite UX and UI design.

We are aware that in the modern world it’s impossible to utilize only one digital product to handle business-related tasks. Even though Meetsales is destined to become our clients’ sales command center, it has to be able to connect with other apps and platforms out there. That’s why we have  also dedicated the 2022 to developing CRM, ERP, PIM, payment gates, and eCommerce integrations with the most popular, high-quality tools used by our clients on a daily basis. Right now, we can say that our plans include such fantastic solutions as G-Suite, Salesforce, Akeneo, and more. Meetsales can already integrate with Microsoft 365 and PayPro, as well as providers individually selected by our partners.

Future plans for Meetsales

We are currently working towards growing our team that consists of 8 people at present. Our goal is to have 20-25 employees on board by the end of 2022. The majority of them will be hired in our product department. This way, we will be able to advance our solution, work on new features and improve the existing ones. The ultimate objective is to make Meetsales the leading provider within the B2B sales industry.

Our ambitions exceed the standard software product - we want to boost it with innovative technologies. On the list of our plans you will find:

  • AI-powered face recognition
  • Even more complex analytics module for sales managers
  • Data-driven hints for salespeople

In order to deliver a valuable, future-proof solution in the 21st century, companies have to find their unique selling points and define their perfect target audience, but that's not everything. Investing in novelties and using them to our advantage will elevate Meetsales to become the complete platform for salespeople, their managers, and business owners that want to work remotely, get better results, and become market leaders within their areas of expertise. We are ambitious, ready to work hard, and our goal is to conquer the world of B2B sales!

To sum it up

Like any other digital product that wants to make a difference in the world, Meetsales is a work in progress. However, you can see that we have specific plans for the upcoming months and next year. We want to be clear about them, as we believe that transparent communication and openness about our work is what makes Meetsales trustworthy. We know many of our potential customers have tons of various needs we have to meet, and we will do our best to do that. You can follow us on social media and check out our website regularly to stay  informed about our next moves.

If you are interested in Meetsales now, don’t wait and schedule a demo now! We are already the only sales command center you need in order to optimize and skyrocket your operations. Invest in it now and see how your team’s productivity evolves, as they close more deals and bring more customers to your company. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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