Five reasons why Meetsales is not a CRM

The global customer relationship management (CRM) software market has grown by almost 0.4 billion U.S. dollars since 2019, and it shows no sign of slowing down in the near future.  There are plenty of CRM systems available these days. Pipedrive's recent success is a great example and a proof that the market is broad, competitive, and varies in terms of the type of business that it serves. Frequently in the past, during meetings with our clients, we came across a question on how Meetsales is different from a CRM. Although we realise that some features implemented in our technology are similar to what CRMs provide, still Meetsales doesn’t quite fit the definition.

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Meetsales as a conversational commerce tool with CRM features that matter

Meetsales is not a CRM, but it certainly shares some features that help digitise sales operations and customer management in your company. It allows lead management, reporting, and analysis. It records the customer journey from the first point of contact through communications to closed sales and sales history. It provides sales automation and enables you to generate documents, such as invoices, offers and orders automatically, which improves workflow and takes away the most frustrating part of being a sales pro - administration.

All of these sound like standard features of CRM systems. But what happens if you add a video conferencing tool to the package? Well, this is when it gets interesting. Leaving aside the personal touch that online meetings add, what if I told you that you could measure and analyse every action taken by your client and your sales team every step of the way? Meetsales enables you to do that. Thanks to our insights, you can investigate what exactly happens during each video call, track your sales team, measure their performance and upgrade your business.

Focus on supporting specific sales interactions rather than the sales process itself

As we all know, B2B sales operations are a complicated matter and mastering all of their aspects can be quite a challenge for you and your sales team. Creating an airtight sales process in your organisation might be a tough nut to crack. Particularly in the post-pandemic world where sales pros have gone online and started to work remotely it is essential to stay on the top of your sales game.

And while CRMs tend to approach the process by focusing on its structure and automation, Meetsales goes beyond that and supports the specific actions your sales team can undertake. But what does it mean in practice?

It means that the video conferencing tool’s implementation allows your sales team to have a deeper understanding of your client’s needs and enables your sales reps to act immediately. Whether it’s simply showing new products from the catalogue, offering something of value, or identifying an upsell opportunity, Meetsales supports the decision-making process. It professionalizes customer experience and keeps your sales team motivated. In contrast, CRM concentrates on the sales process itself for the most part.

Video conferencing solution with capacities of an e-commerce tool

At Meetsales, we like to say that our solution has features of an e-commerce tool at its core.

Thanks to Akeneo PIM integration with Meetsales platform, you can automatically have all your product information at your fingertips - all in the same window as your ongoing call to be exact. This way, you are guaranteed easy and undisturbed access to products from your catalogue and you can add them directly to the built-in shopping cart without having to rely on multiple tools or external solutions - all in real-time.

What is more, Meetsales provides a widget that is implemented on your website, marketplace, or online shop that allows hesitant customers to take action and jump on a video call with your sales rep straight away and make an informed buying decision.

Human factor as a key issue in building long-lasting B2B relationships

First and foremost, Meetsales is a video conferencing app that allows businesses to connect and maintain a human to human customer experience despite not being able to conduct a traditional meeting. And this is something that cannot be replaced by any feature that CRM supplies.

According to recent research, 43 % of all B2B revenue is generated by e-commerce and videoconferencing and what is more critical - customers are more likely to choose video rather than phone interactions. That indicates that even though working remotely in many ways turned out to be more convenient, we still appreciate and need a personal approach during the sales process. Moreover, what stands out in case of Meetsales is that it guarantees a non-disturbed video conferencing experience for the customer and allows your sales team to reach their professional goals at the same time.

Meetsales and CRM can both coexist

Last but not least, CRM and Meetsales are not mutually exclusive. It’s true - they do have a few valuable features in common and both are aimed at boosting your business growth, improving productivity and structuring the sales process at your organization. But let’s not forget that at the end of the day CRM is a system focused mainly on processing sales opportunities down a pipeline and Meetsales is rather a very unique sales engagement platform and a conversational commerce tool that serves your sales teams, as well as your customers.

In the long run both can coexist and be used at your company but it is up to you to choose the right method for your team and your business. At Meetsales we see it as an opportunity for the future and leave the door open for integrations with CRMs perfectly suited for B2B sales.

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