Meetsales trial is out! Test it for 14 days - here's why it's worth it

You don’t like buying something you’re not confident will solve your problems and improve your business, isn’t that right? We are aware of that. It was the main reason we’ve been working hard to release a fully functional trial version of our platform. It is now available for your brand to test Meetsales for 14 days completely for free. We’re here to discuss all the benefits and why you should try the platform.

Meetsales trial allows you to test our solution

Which features can be tested in the trial version?

Meetsales has several modules dedicated to sales enablement. More is yet to come, as you know from our product roadmap. You probably wonder what your sales team will be able to access after you register for the free trial. The short answer is this: they can test every basic functionality essential for professional sales teams. Let’s elaborate on that.

After signing up and logging in, a salesperson will see the Meetsales dashboard panel, which is our sales command center. It all begins here. The platform will also display a crucial message. It will say, that in the test version of Meetsales, the users can operate on sample products and not your company’s internal catalog. This saves a lot of time and helps to avoid any mistakes that might occur when one uses such a tool for the first time.

Besides that, your employees will be able to add clients, schedule meetings, as well as overlook their calendars and upcoming events. After they add someone to their client list, they can meet up with them and test the product presentation module, which is the place where the magic happens! Also, both parties will have a chance to go through the transaction path by adding items to the cart, negotiating discounts, and processing payments. Since your team will use sample products provided by us, they should partner up with their colleagues and act as customers and salespeople to see how the process looks on both sides.

Here is the full list of features available in our 14-day free trial:

  • Adding clients to the panel
  • A full list of clients with details
  • Client searching
  • Client data editing
  • Meeting invitations, where the clients can pick their preferred date and time
  • Meeting calendar
  • All types of automated emails about scheduled meetings, upcoming meetings, sent offers, etc.
  • Entering the meeting from the calendar or dashboard
  • Hosting meetings
  • Sample products that can be presented, added to the cart, etc.
  • Entering client’s data for order processing and payment
  • PayPro payments
  • Sending offers with attached files

As you can see, your team can go through the whole user journey as salespeople, from the moment they get in touch with the client for the first time, until the deal is closed. However, you probably wonder why you should even spend 14 days testing our tool. There are plenty of reasons!

Why should you try Meetsales before investing in it full-time?

If you’re still not sure if Meetsales is something for you, your business, and your sales department, there is no better way to determine that than taking advantage of the trial version. That was our main objective when creating the platform dedicated for testing by our potential clients. We knew that many will want to “try before they buy”, which is understandable.

Meetsales is a unique product destined for enterprises with large sales departments, elaborate strategies, and particular needs, especially when it comes to remote work. We want to help them thrive when doing digital transactions with their clients. Moreover, we are aware that the decision-making process in such companies is long and requires the presence of multiple parties. They won’t invest in a new tool without being certain, that it can improve their performance. Our trial will help them make up their minds and determine how they can benefit from the proposed solution.

We want to mention here, that you can and definitely should share thoughts and observations about the trial version of our platform. Thanks to your feedback, we can grow it into a useful, tailor-made app for professional salespeople that want to leverage their operations. As a testing party, you will truly contribute to our product’s development and have a chance to shape it into an advanced sales enablement tool for remote teams. The trial version is perfect for determining what is working as it should, and what could do better. It also helps our clients realize what they need as sellers. That’s priceless for us, a team of B2B commerce enthusiasts that want to deliver the best possible solution for enterprises all around the world.

Last but not least, the trial will give you some time to re-think your strategy, consider what integrations your business requires, and plan how to utilize Meetsales features to the fullest. Your sales team will get two free weeks to walk through every part of the panel, plan numerous meetings, and conduct them to find out how it exactly works. Then, you can take all the collected knowledge and apply it to your current affairs. It’s a great source of data and insights for business self-reflection and shaping future growth plans. Use Meetsales with integrated external platforms like CRMs, PIMs, ERPs, and eCommerce apps to reach your employees’ full potential when it comes to sales.

My trial period is over - what’s the next step?

You probably wonder what will happen after 14 days pass. It’s simple - you can ask for a quote and invest in the full version of Meetsales. You will get access to even more innovative sales functionalities. Our team will help with implementation, configuration, and setting up all the integrations to prepare a ready-to-use work environment for your sales department. Once it’s ready, your internal catalog will be available via the presentation module. Your salespeople will be able to showcase your company’s products and services in real-time during video meetings with their prospects.

One of the biggest perks of Meetsales is our highly appreciated widget that can be installed on your website. It’s a great tool for measuring customer journeys and converting traffic into leads. When sellers start to add prospects to the client panel and schedule multiple meetings, the analytics panel will start to automatically collect and process data to display information about your team’s productivity, success rate, and areas to improve.

Simply put, when you decide to get on board with Meetsales, you will get access to a sales enablement tool that bridges the gap between traditional offline sales and B2B eCommerce. Your remote team will thrive because they will have a chance to build genuine long-term relationships with customers, just like during in-person meetings. Not to mention the automation of many activities, like emails and offer generation, for improved productivity. Thanks to integrations, Meetsales will seamlessly connect with your current work environment and complement it with its robust functionalities. What do you think about that?

Meetsales implementations

Before you register for the trial, we have another thing for you. Two success stories from our clients. They’ve implemented Meetsales in their companies to elevate their sales game and optimize the processes. Read the case studies to learn how our product can help your business in various ways:

  • Meetsales implementation at Impel - our first pilot partner transformed into a long-term client when they realized how Meetsales could help them sell their products and services in a more customized, client-centered way. They appreciated our website widget, the possibility to propose discounts, and closing deals while still on a call and initially introduced our tool to one of the companies within the group. Now they plan to extend its range to other entities.
  • Meetsales implementation at Red Snake - they fell for our website widget because they were looking for a tool that would help them understand the customer journey better. Meetsales also became their CRM and sales enablement tool of choice, helping them to create a better way of nurturing and converting leads into loyal clients. Since Red Snake comes from an industry that went through major legal changes recently, they can use our presentation model to assist customers that are not sure which solutions will be the best for them.

Try Meetsales today for free!

Did we convince you that it’s worth to register for our trial? If you have additional questions, let us know! We are super excited to deliver the opportunity to test our product for 14 days to you. It’s free and requires no credit card data for maximum convenience. We are aware that the trial doesn’t showcase all of Meetsales’ potential and that a fixed set of features won’t be ideal for all enterprises. Its purpose is to give you a sneak peek into our tool and get you excited for more. Get on board and definitely schedule some calls - we believe, they are the most prominent feature in the trial version that presents the potential behind our product.

If you are certain you want to invest in Meetsales, don’t hesitate and contact us today. Together, we can achieve your business goals. Use our platform to strategize your next big step towards selling more and better. We are with you every step of the way.

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