What are the key benefits of using Meetsales for the Sales Team?

Entrepreneurs constantly search for solutions that will optimize their work regarding costs, time management, and results. Each company has their own toolkit that they pick carefully, not only with the budget in mind but also considering their daily activities. The sales team is not an exception. Their work is focused mainly on finding new leads, talking to prospects, and closing deals. Meetsales can be a perfect software to help them execute all of that. Let’s take a closer look at the possibilities that our product provides and how it can serve salespeople and their superiors in your firm.


Meetsales - who was it created for?

We dedicate Meetsales to B2B sales teams, as they need robust, complete systems to manage and improve their work. When we were building the prototype of our solution, we had in mind that the main dashboard would be the central point of everyone’s day - including ordinary sales representatives, their managers, and executives. It would not only allow employees to schedule meetings, host them, check out their list of clients, send emails, and sell products. Analytics was an essential part of this tool - giving insight and helping to monitor the whole process to find the areas for betterment.

The primary purpose here was to make Meetsales one platform to “rule them all”, meaning that it would serve the sales team from the planning stage to finalizing transactions and beyond. We are aware that most companies use numerous tools to get things done. If possible, they don’t want to separate the phases of their process between different apps and systems. The more one platform can do, the better. We’ve created a one-stop shop for all brands that want to give their sales squad a boost.

What’s in it for a Sales Director?

Management positions come with more responsibility, and controlling all aspects of the director’s department is not easy without support. Investing in the implementation of Meetsales is definitely worth it from the boss' perspective. It quickly becomes an integral part of daily work activities. With the analytical data, every month, quarter, and year the processes can be optimized to achieve better results and eliminate unnecessary resource burnout.

Usually, Meetsales becomes an ultimate tool for planning, budgeting, and strategizing the whole department’s work. Looking through the list of clients allows the management to find out who needs the extra care and what is going on in the sales pipeline. The widget and the calendar together make it possible to manage and observe how the workload is distributed throughout the sales team and whether they require more resources. Access to the analytics module enables identifying the strong and weak points - it's clear and simple to understand which leads are progressing in the pipeline and why. All that creates the complete picture of a sales department within a company, its efficiency, and crucial needs for the nearest future.

Benefits for salespeople

To understand how Meetsales can serve the sales team, we should discuss its main features. First of all, it allows the employees to organize and host video calls with customers to present the offer and discuss it in real-time. It’s a perfect resolution to the remote sales difficulties. All deals usually happened face to face. We make them possible regardless of anyone's location, which is convenient and supports the growth of companies that want to sell their products to clients worldwide.

However, the salespeople’s work is not only meetings. They have to be organized, manage their calendar right, and react to sudden obstacles like canceled appointments or changed dates. With Meetsales, they get easy access to their client list and calendars, and the Outlook integration helps with event management. Each employee can quickly see when they have free time slots and plan their workweek to get things done. Also, they can communicate with their prospects to make sure they get exactly what’s needed to feel nurtured and, as a result, make purchases.

Meetsales also provides a convenient widget that can be implemented on your corporate website. It converts traffic to leads by scheduling meetings with visitors that are interested in your offer. They are automatically synchronized with sale team’s calendar according to their availability. This way, you can grow your sales even more.

We put a lot of effort into user experience design to make sure all these features are packed in a usable and functional frame. Meetsales was not made to disturb people’s daily tasks but to actively support them. Soon, it will even have some gamification implemented to keep the motivation levels high and add a pinch of fun to the workers’ sales routines.

Overall business benefits

We didn't want to be just another video calling platform, a simple calendar tool, or a CRM competitor. Meetsales is the online sales command center that supports robust organizations in B2B sales. We are constantly expanding its capabilities to provide even more advantages for enterprises. Our clients will be able to smoothly integrate with their existing  CRMs in the future to gain full control over their workflow.

Managing customer relationships is possible with various systems available on the market. However, it is really hard to pick the right tool stack that covers all the needs. Some tools are dedicated to processing control and optimization, but they don’t offer execution. With Meetsales, you will get all of that. We are currently developing another CRM feature, which includes an entire history of meetings and clients to help you and your team review your activities and draw conclusions.

Basically, it’s what every business owner is looking for - the online sales command center. One solution to bring all that is needed to the table, especially for B2B manufacturers or sellers that have plenty of products with SKU numbers. They are frequently complicated to configure, and buying the right ones requires shopping assistance. With Meetsales it can be done in no time.

Potential future directions

In today’s world, a single tool is nothing without a possibility to integrate. Of course, we still want to be the one-size-fits-all kind of platform, but it’s not always possible. Businesses are diverse and have various needs and requirements. For some, we will be a perfect CRM. For others - a valuable addition to their current tool stack. That’s why we are planning many integrations with eCommerce platforms, ERPs, CRMs, and other apps that also help salespeople with their duties.

As an innovative provider that observes the world of new technologies, we plan to invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to create even better tools for sales, help them upsell and cross-sell more and support the business with sales automation. We know that it would elevate Meetsales to an even higher level of functionality and make it a complete solution that relieves employees from repeatable tasks, letting them focus on what’s really important - building reliable, trustworthy relationships with their customers.

We hope this article will give you a clear picture of all Meetsales' benefits. Reach out to us and tell us about your business. Partnering up with us means getting access to a tool that will be a game-changer for your process. It’s definitely worth it. Get access to our solution today to sell more and better with Meetsales!

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