Why a virtual sales platform could be important for your business?

Virtual sales platforms are something we should be talking about more. They are extremely powerful tools to ensure customer retention and generate revenue. Having such a solution in your internal tech stack is incredibly useful for all involved parties, including customers, employees, and stakeholders.

In times when we strongly appreciate remote work and want to do business with customers outside the local environment, having a reliable, robust system for online meetings with eCommerce and CRM features is a must. There aren’t many apps on the market that offer that. They usually include some of the desired functionalities, but not all of them. For example, they enable video conferencing, but can’t process payments in real-time.

Virtual sales platform

Meetsales is a product that connects functionalities from multiple types of useful apps into one, unified system. It’s the ultimate virtual sales platform for all aspiring B2B sellers. In this blog post, we will explain what such platforms can offer to your business and why you should invest in one right away.

Virtual sales platform - what is it exactly?

A virtual sales platform is a program that allows you to initiate and hold virtual meetings with your prospects. This software is typically used in B2B but can also be used in B2C sales, if your goal is to offer assisted shopping in your eCommerce store. The main purpose of such an app is to help you run all your sales processes faster and more efficiently, giving you a better idea on how to meet your customers’ needs. Simply put, a virtual sales platform is an online environment for B2B sellers and buyers to meet, communicate, and close deals.

Today’s potential buyers are mobile and they want to talk to you when they’re ready to buy. They also expect a personalized experience when stumbling upon your brand. Using a virtual sales platform as a digital meeting room is the best way to do that regardless of the current location of both parties. You can use it to showcase your products and services in a much more engaging way than via phone call, but you are not required to spend any resources on travel and in-person meetings.

It is clear that a virtual sales platform is a powerful tool for B2B companies but only if it incorporates all of the key elements needed to be successful in sales, including video calls, CRM features, integrations, data analytics, and more. Finding such a product could be challenging, but you are closer than your competitors - you are considering Meetsales! Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of virtual sales platform implementation.

The benefits of introducing a virtual sales platform in your company

The importance of selling products differently in today's digital era shouldn’t be underestimated. Placing particular emphasis on individually-crafted experience for each account and the possibility of selling products and services in the online environment led to the increased interest in virtual sales platforms in general. Having such an app adjusted to your business goals and needs means that your company can achieve the following positive results:

Engaging with clients the right way

Thanks to a virtual sales platform you are always in the right place and time to have a conversation with the prospect. You are available whenever a lead feels they are ready to start the purchasing process. It’s the biggest value for your potential partners because waiting too long might lead to changing their minds or finding another vendor.

Speeding up the sales cycle

Spending time on business travels, face-to-face lunches, and other traditional sales activities can exhaust your salespeople and might not result in conversions whatsoever. With a virtual sales platform, you can spend more time building genuine relations with your customers. It keeps your team organized, on top of their schedule, and with useful information at hand.

Automating major chunks of the process

From booking calls to sending emails, virtual sales platforms allow their users to automate various aspects of their work to save time and increase productivity. Your employees will be able to focus more on the actual sales because the system will do a lot of things for them. It’s a great tech invention that every app for salespeople should offer. If you are running a business, investing in an automation solution is always a good decision for budget optimization.

Creating consistent experience

First of all, a virtual sales platform can help integrate your sales and marketing teams’ efforts to deliver high-quality leads and convert them into long-term clients. When all of the data is collected in one place, it’s easier to provide a tailor-made experience to every customer and make it unified across all channels. It’s especially useful for companies that invest in their omnichannel strategy.

Increasing the motivation

Virtual sales platforms increase the visibility of KPIs for individual salespeople and can show what works well for each person, as well as what needs to be improved. Picking a system that offers data collection and analytics means you can be always on top of your sales team’s progress. Automatically generated reports save tons of time and display information in an easily digestible way.

Boosting the revenue

All the benefits mentioned above lead to one result - growing revenue. Thanks to automation and optimization, your team can focus on finding more opportunities to land a client. With a virtual sales platform, all the activities are up-to-date and their results are measured. No need to spend time on paperwork or meeting organization. Their main duty is to build strong, long-term relations with partners.

Why is Meetsales unique compared to other virtual sales platforms?

Finding a virtual sales platform that offers all the features you might need to elevate your sales journey can be challenging. There are several tools on the market that are dedicated to video conferences, sales presentations, payments, scheduling online meetings, and more. We also have various CRMs and ERPs used by sales teams to handle client lists and their tasks. However, until recently, there were no apps that can do all of that and offer functionalities beyond these basic needs. That is until Meetsales went live in the middle of April 2022.

We’ve created Meetsales with one thing in mind. Our ultimate goal was to give the salespeople an all-in-one tool that will allow them to sell products and services online and close deals during a single video call. Creating a virtual sales platform that would be able to do all of these things we’ve mentioned above was not easy and we still have some way to go, but in its basic form, Meetsales is a finished video sales command center for remote sales teams.

Using Meetsales is intuitive and it has all the tools that a salesperson might need. From CRM-like features for organizing customers and being aware of their statuses, to advanced scheduling and email automation, to a video calls module that allows the seller to present products in real-time, add them to the cart for the client, and process their payment with a few clicks. The whole sales process that starts with adding a lead to the prospect list and ends with the paid transaction can be managed using one platform. That’s Meetsales.

Use Meetsales as your virtual sales platform today

You probably wonder now: how is it possible that Meetsales can replace so many tools and apps? We’ve been working on that for a year because we knew the pandemic and technological expansion around the world would revolutionize the way we work, sell and do business. Remote meetings are now an integral part of our daily reality. We often mention the research, where it was proved that B2B clients prefer online transactions and video conferencing over in-person business lunches.

The emphasis on digital human interaction is crucial here. We've wanted to preserve it, so we’ve created a solution that allows salespeople and their clients to discuss sales face-to-face while they remain in their preferred locations. It’s a great way to build lasting relations between both parties and to increase your business’ range to other cities, regions, countries, or continents. Our virtual sales platform promotes a convenient approach to B2B sales that skyrockets revenue, motivates your team to be more productive, and gives you powerful data-based insights to make better decisions.

If all that sounds interesting to you and your goal for 2022 is to implement a robust virtual sales platform at your company, we encourage you to schedule a demo with the Meetsales rep. They will show you all the benefits you might get by betting on our solution. It will be an inspiring journey towards magnificent business results. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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