Why choose Meetsales over Zoom or Teams for your remote B2B Sales

2020 proved to be a pivotal year for the acceleration of online trends creating opportunities for digital disruptors. A sudden shift to the home office had a massive impact on the way we work and this went hand in hand with a change in our tools. For instance, studies show that only 12% of employees in the UK want to return to full-time office work. The buyer activity for video conferencing products, in particular, has increased by 500% (source: TrustRadius). It seems that these tools are here to stay.

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How new solutions are moving sales into the digital age

We have already talked about the inevitability of digitizing sales processes and their vast potential, but one crucial thing we need to keep in mind is that even the greatest chatbot or CRM will never be able to replace human to human interaction and build long-lasting relationships with clients, especially when it comes to the B2B sector. 

When it is difficult or even impossible to conduct a traditional face to face meeting, a video conference solution quickly becomes the only alternative. The question is - which tool will work best with your business model and boost your sales by closing deals easily? Let me guide you through the similarities and differences between regular apps and Meetsales. 

Choosing an ideal video conference solution for your business

First of all, Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet are all cloud-based communication platforms for unified communications. 

Zoom is considered the leader in video conference solutions, providing access to online meetings and chats, video webinars, conference rooms, and phone systems. It also has a range of technical integrations with external apps, for instance, ones that improve workflow, such as Slack. 

When it comes to features, MS Teams supplies the same set of possibilities - online meetings, screen, and file-sharing or room system. Just like Zoom, it can streamline workflow and enhance productivity thanks to its integration with Office365.

Google Meet, previously known as Google Hangouts Meet, offers all the essential video conference properties. Since 2020 it has been available not only as a part of the Google Workspace but also for individual Google account users. As is the case with Zoom and Teams integrations, access to Google Workspace offers a range of tools for online collaboration and communication that boost business operations. 

Recently I came across a statement that  Zoom, for the most part, proved itself best in industries such as education, financial services, and healthcare, while Teams is most efficient in internal organization use and Google Meet is most suited to large live streams. But what about their performance in the sales area? 

All of these apps enable online meetings and present themselves as all-purpose kinds of tools. However, when it comes to B2B sales they, in fact, leave SMBs to rely on multiple apps and integrations that disrupt the end-to-end sales processes. And this is where Meetsales steps into the game. 

Close sales and build business relationships the way you have never been able to before

Similar to Teams and Zoom - Meetsales is an easy and low-cost video conference solution that integrates with your calendar and starts a conversation with one click. But in contrast to them, it gives your sales team a chance to get the most out of each meeting and close the sale in just one call. How so? 
Meetsales is not just a video conference tool but a SaaS solution with unified PIM Software. This means that it delivers seamless running of an online meeting, an efficient sales and payment process, and a delightful customer experience.


Seamless video conferencing experience 

The most important aspect of the Meetsales technology is that it provides secure and stable running of an online meeting while minimizing the risk of any issues related to breaches of privacy. Thanks to that, you are guaranteed a smooth and undisturbed video conference experience that allows you to get the most out of each meeting and focus on building strong relationships with your clients. 

Reliable and efficient sales process 

Besides the PIM integration, Meetsales is the only video conference solution on the market that provides an interactive built-in cart. It allows both parties of the call for adding products to the cart during the conversation and once the order is confirmed, the sales rep sends the validation to the system to create an email summary of the order. This enables to automatically convert the order to the ERP system and close the sale. Basically, it functions as a one-stop-shop for digital sales. 

Delighted customer 

A pleased customer has always been at the heart of our solution and probably the same applies to your product. Meetsales enables the sales teams to show products, discuss prices, and offers without using any additional systems or tools. Thanks to that, your sales reps can give their full attention to the customer, answer all their questions, and meet their needs. 

By tracking the length of each video call and its outcome, Meetsales allows you to analyze the efficiency of your sales team and measure their achievements. This way you gain a better understanding of the sales process in your company, detect areas for improvement, and make progress. 

Let us digitize your sales with our conversational commerce solution

The new normal in a way caught us all by surprise. The world of commerce as we know it no longer exists and now is the time to create a plan, adjust to the new context, and seize the opportunity for your business. Don’t let your sales teams stay behind and support their digital transformation.

Customer experience builds loyalty
Level up your sales game with the power of video, data, and automation.

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