Your business doesn't need to be hi-tech to use a tool like Meetsales

Digitalization is a topic discussed widely around the world. There is no doubt about it - the technological growth does not look like baby steps anymore. We’ve learned to run and create innovations quickly. Every month and year, we hear about new devices, better access to the internet, and changing consumer habits that are moving from the offline environment to online. The COVID-19 pandemic that started in 2020 also was a crucial factor in that evolution. No wonder some business owners feel lost in this chaos and overwhelmed with the amount of information.

But is it actually so difficult? Not at all. Some companies collaborate with other enterprises as partners and help them tame this “digital transformation” dragon. They offer custom development and implementation of tools, their know-how, and consultations to help you enter this new realm without fear, well-prepared and ready to conquer new markets. We know what you think: that it probably costs a fortune. Not necessarily.

Hi tech tools vs meetsales

What is needed to digitalize a business?

Of course, you will need some kind of budget to invest in new technologies. Also, you will need to train your people and adjust your process. It can be time and money consuming, but it is totally worth it in the long run. Research shows that organizations can increase productivity by more than 50% with digital transformation. By 2023, such businesses will contribute to more than half of global GDP. In 2019, 70% of companies already had some kind of digitalization strategy implemented or have been working on one. If you want a competitive advantage and your clients expect modern solutions, staying offline and continuing to run a brick & mortar business only can be a huge mistake and a threat to your company’s future.

So what do you need exactly? A trusted business partner that will offer everything you need will be a good start. Think about the goals, requirements, pains, and challenges you have to face every day. For example, do you sell products in a B2B model? Or maybe you are not selling anything yet, but it’s your plan for company expansion? You might need some kind of smart software that will let you do that digitally. Some consultants will advise you to start building your eCommerce platforms, but it’s not necessarily the best approach for beginners. Remember to start lean. Don’t go all in, if you want to test the grounds first. Meetsales can help you do just that.

Meetsales - your first step towards digital transformation

We believe that digital tools don’t have to be complicated to be effective. If you have never used any type of system that would support your sales, Meetsales can be a perfect start. It’s a sales enablement platform that allows your employees to sell products in real-time via video calls. Besides that, it has a dashboard for scheduling meetings, an analytics module, and a client list for control and management. 

Our platform is API-first, meaning that we are able to integrate with external systems, so if you want more apps to handle your operations, you can create a whole ecosystem with Meetsales as a central part of it or a supporting service. It’s the first step towards the digitalization of your company and a massive help for your sales team. With all the possibilities we provide, you can elevate your profits and outrun competition that sticks to traditional methods when presenting their offer and finalizing transactions.

Meetsales is still in beta mode, which means we are looking for new partners that will test the platform, provide feedback, and improve this product with us. Every company that will schedule a demo with us before the end of 2021 will get two months for free. Don’t wait up, contact us!

Who successfully digitized their business?

If a company has existed for more than 20-30 years, they probably have been operating offline only back in the day. Internet domination is still a short period of our modern history. We know that such stories can inspire you, so we’ve decided to talk about several examples of companies that went digital and succeeded. These are brands that you probably know very well. Remember - if they could do it, you can too!

One of the examples is McDonald’s, a recognized global chain of fast-food restaurants. They have mobile apps in many countries to give their clients easy access to coupons, promotional offerings, and their menu. What’s more interesting though, is that they want to incorporate artificial intelligence in their drive-thru systems to automate the process and cut costs. You might have thought that a burger-selling place can’t really take advantage of new technologies, but that’s not true.

The next company we should discuss is Netflix. Many people do not realize that the most popular video streaming platform is not new - its history began in 1997 when it was just a DVD rental business. They worked in an unusual model, sending DVDs to their subscribers across the United States instead of renting them on-site. Ten years later, they released an online streaming service that became a hit several years later. It’s an ideal example of a provider that was observing the market and used technology to meet their customers’ needs. Simple pricing, scalable model, and simplicity of use are the main pillars of Netflix’s success.

When things don’t go as planned…

To also showcase some negative examples - as a warning for companies that hesitate with their digitalization - we should mention Nokia that back in the day had 50% of mobile phones market share. Suddenly, their relevance dropped to 5% and the company almost went bankrupt. The reasons? Mostly their slow response to the rapidly changing situation in their niche. Although Nokia introduced some of the first smartphones in the world (powered by Symbian OS), they couldn’t keep up when mobile devices started to become more advanced. Lack of proper leadership and vision, fierce, quickly-reacting competition, and sudden impossibility to adapt and innovate were the reasons that Nokia was rejected by modern users.

A similar story happened to Kodak, a photography company founded in the XIX century. They became the leader of their sector for almost a hundred years, but they failed to transform when the time for digitalization came. Did you know that an engineer from Kodak was the first one to discover the technology that enabled digital photos? Probably not, because the company superiors completely ignored this invention. They also didn’t care about the changing market conditions and have not invested in research and development whatsoever. Kodak executives tried to convince everyone that analog photography is still a thing, while their competition was far ahead of them. In 2021, they were bankrupt.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

We hope these stories prove how important is digital transformation and awareness of new tech trends. Back to the positive examples, Starbucks decided to use innovation to help their business thrive. They’ve implemented a Deep Brew program, which uses AI to optimize the work in existing locations and analyze data to pick where their new shops should be opened. In 2019, the company reported a 6% sales increase in the US and 5% in China.

Other businesses that have experienced positive changes after digitalization include Porsche, IKEA, Lego, Nike, Microsoft (once based on CDs and USB drives, now all available on the spot via cloud), and many more. Check out their stories, and you will learn that there are various ways of approaching the digital revolution. All you need to do is think about your goals and choose solutions that will fulfill them. If you sell products and want to enter the world of B2B eCommerce, Meetsales should be your first choice.

Meetsales - your trusted digitalization partner

We’ve created our platform to help companies just like yours. No matter if you already do something online or you want to but don’t know where to start, we will be there for you. Streamlining your sales process with Meetsales is easy, which means you can see spectacular results sooner than you expect. Let us know what you want to achieve, and we will take care of the rest.

Reach out and tell us what we can do for you. Also, stay tuned to our blog, so you can learn more about digitalizing your business, online sales, and growing productivity within your team. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

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