Your guide to modern, persuasive sales presentations

Sales presentations were always crucial for engaging prospects’ attention, getting them interested in products or services, and closing deals. Back in the day, salespeople would meet up with their potential clients and present the capabilities of an item live. It was somewhat a whole “show” when dazzling the customer was half of the battle. TV ads are also like sales presentations, but they don’t give an instant “yes” or “no” answer, so they are not relevant to us.

When the phones started to be commonly used, the sales process became more remote, but the lack of eye contact and human interaction wasn’t really helping it. With the rise of the internet, it went through another transformation. Emails, PDFs, PowerPoint, and finally video content were the new methods of approaching customers and delivering them information about the company’s offer. However, the sales and marketing industry specialists are always looking for methods to improve their results. They create tools, frameworks, and ideas on how to sell better.

Your guide to modern, persuasive sales presentations

For years now, we can connect with people from all around the world in the online realm. Thanks to technological advancement, we can even see them in real-time. Why not use it for sales presentations? It’s like going back to the roots of pitching products or services in front of a live audience. At the same time, it allows salespeople to take advantage of tech to make the sales process appealing, customized, and convenient. That’s why Meetsales is a perfect solution to conduct sales presentations, manage customers, handle transactions, and more. You will read about that later on.

The basics of sales presentations

This article is dedicated to the innovative ways of presenting your company’s offer. We want to prove that you can do it better than attaching some slides to your pitch email. Giving your sales team the right tool stack to assist their clients during the purchasing process is the best way to establish long-term business relationships and increase profit in the long run.

The B2B world is filled with sales presentations. The right approach to them means that the salesperson can capture the prospects’ attention and encourage them to purchase certain products or services. A sales presentation is an informal proposal that uses various media such as catalog displays, testimonials, research, and many others to show how your company’s offer can benefit the buyer and solve their problems. It’s nuanced because telling the client that your brand can change their lives and elevate their profit is not enough. The sales rep has to consider the industry, the target market, the expectations, requirements, and worries of the client. They have to adjust their presentation afterwards in order to meet all of that and provide a solution.

However, it’s totally worth it! A well-prepared, customized, and attention-grabbing sales presentation increases conversion rates and helps with transitioning leads into loyal customers. At Meetsales, we believe that such presentations begin with a maintained human interaction. Showcasing products and services is much better when the client has a sales rep that supports them in the process and answers all the questions.

The rules of a persuasive sales presentation

Let’s talk about the principles worth implementing when trying to achieve all your sales goals. Utilizing them will help you close more deals.

  • Establish personal connection

The best way to create a loyal relationship with a prospect is to talk to them in a friendly, personal manner. The salesperson can do this by sharing stories about the company, team, and even a bit about themselves. Let the client know what your brand cares about, how you approach the development of products or services, and what is your mission and vision. If possible, offer them a sample or a trial, so they can test your solution in the live environment. Building connections means your customers think of you when they want to make a purchase, and they come back every time it’s time for re-stock.

  • Make it visual

Visual aids help people understand complex concepts faster than words alone. Showing someone the products or services from the catalog during a real-time video meeting allows a potential buyer to visualize them better than having to read about them on your website. Moreover, using images during a sales presentation helps to keep the focus on the most important matters. The prospect can look at the offer, ask questions, and decide which items are more appealing to their needs instead of keeping their eyes on a salesperson as they speak. Science backs up this approach: “(...) the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.”

  • Create a convenient environment

Back in the day, when salespeople met their clients face-to-face, they had to pick places that had good, natural lighting, tasty snacks and drinks, as well as a friendly atmosphere. Accessible location was also a must to save time and transportation budget. Nowadays, B2B customers prefer to meet online, which is already convenient as it is. How to make it even better? Use tools that allow your team to not only schedule video meetings but also present products and services from the catalog in real time, negotiate prices, process payments, and more. Using Meetsales means your sales presentation becomes live, interactive, and can be done at any place and time, even with a client that is very far away. That is highly comfortable for both sides and leads to increased conversions.

  • Customize the offer

Even if your target audience is highly specific, it doesn’t mean that every prospect has the same problems and requirements. Unless you sell just one product or service, your customers probably purchase different items in various configurations. Help them find the best set for their businesses, and you will gain their loyalty. To do that, you need to assist them while they make decisions regarding the purchase. With Meetsales, your sales reps can present the offer and freely edit the amount and types of items added to the cart. Thanks to that, they always match the needs of their clients.

  • Use third-party proof

While storytelling and message personalization are crucial for establishing trust with your potential clients, it's equally important to demonstrate that what you're saying is true. Back up everything you say with facts and evidence from reliable sources like industry studies and reports, especially the ones issued by expert institutions. Add testimonials from your past clients, too. When the customer notices how much value you provide to other enterprises, they will want exactly that for them as well.

  • Answer questions and assist

As we’ve mentioned already, the interaction between salespeople and clients is crucial, as it allows involved parties to build relations, understand each other better, and close deals with results satisfying the buyer. When the world was hit by the pandemic, sales teams had to move their activities online. It seemed like they wouldn’t be able to achieve such spectacular results as they did when meeting with clients offline. However, with the power of video and tools like Meetsales, it became possible. Remote employees gained a platform that allows them to be personal shopping assistants for their B2B clients. Considering all the questions asked during the meeting means you care about your prospects’ well-being, and you really want to help them achieve their goals.

  • Make the purchase easy

Sending a sales deck presentation in an email often doesn’t have any impact, because it doesn’t show what’s the next step. Even if it does, it’s often quite complicated to make it. The client has to open their browser, enter the website URL, find an email to the sales rep and tell them they want to buy. That’s a lot of steps to make, and many don’t even bother trying. Thus, if you let them know that they can finish the transaction and process payment quickly while still on a call, it becomes something that can be done instantly and doesn’t require any more steps. With Meetsales you can also automatically generate a PDF file with an offer that can be later confirmed by the prospect. All of that makes the purchase process easy, saves time and allows the client to focus on other aspects of their business while they wait for their order to be delivered.

Here is a checklist you can use to determine if your sales presentation is persuasive and client-friendly.

Meetsales - your tool for conducting winning sales presentations

You can notice that we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of using Meetsales while presenting your offer. That’s because we believe in an innovative approach to that subject. B2B clients have less and less time to read emails, check out pitch decks, and reach out to sellers. It’s not enough to get their attention. They also want to save their precious time instead of driving to lunches, dinners, and coffee meetings with salespeople. That’s why Meetsales was created - to make the remote sales process simple, convenient, and robust.

We’ve wanted to preserve the whole experience of a face-to-face sales meeting in one virtual platform that offers benefits to sales teams and their customers. We call it a “sales command center” because it allows employees to stay on top of their tasks, check out lead statuses, and collect data for deeper insight into the process. It also has a plethora of functionalities dedicated to making every transaction smooth, from the very first minute of a video call to the moment the payment is done. Here’s how it can be done.

Presenting your offer via Meetsales explained step by step

We want to go through the standard sales process conducted via Meetsales to show how it supports your team when they present products and services to the potential buyer. You will also learn about closing the deal after the presentation part is over.

  1. Scheduling a meeting

Everything begins when the customer enters a corporate website and finds a Meetsales widget in the lower right corner of their browser. It provides a chance to conveniently book a meeting with a salesperson without calling or emailing them. The biggest advantage here is that the prospect decides on the date and time. Once they confirm it, they receive an email with all the details and a link to the video meeting.

Alternatively, the sales rep picks a client from the list imported to the Meetsales CRM module and sends a request to determine when they can talk.

  1. Presenting the offer

When the client and the salesperson meet up via Meetsales, the whole thing resembles an ordinary call via Zoom or Google Meet. That is until the rep decides to switch on the presentation feature, which is similar to the screen sharing option, but allows them to showcase every product or service in their internal company catalog. Items can be judged based on their pictures, technical specifications, and other factors. The client decides which ones are suitable for their needs and adds them to a cart, which is basically the same as using an online shop, except you can discuss the offer with the assisting sales expert.

This is also the time to negotiate prices and discounts. After everything is settled, both parties can move on to the next stage or the offer can be sent to the customer’s inbox, so they can think it through and come back to finish the purchase.

  1. Finalizing the transaction

The cart is full of products and services suitable for the client, and the price is satisfying. It’s time to pay and wait for delivery. How does it work? Exactly like in eCommerce stores. The customer enters the shopping cart and clicks “close order”. They fill in their data and use one of the payment gates to easily transfer the money. That’s it! The meeting can be concluded and every time the buyer wants to make another purchase, they can schedule a call with the sales rep. When the video meeting is over, they can rate their experience, letting the company know if everything went okay.

The sales team that uses Meetsales also gets access to analytical data to review their performance, which helps them to improve the process in the future. Thanks to the CRM part of the platform, they stay in control of their client list and can reach out when they want to determine if their assistance is needed.

Meetsales - the future of successful sales presentations

The way companies present and sell their products or services will never be the same thanks to technology, the internet, and the evolving needs of their customers. We know that, and that’s why we’ve built Meetsales. Because of the pandemic and other global events, salespeople need to jump right into the online world and optimize their activities instead of trying to sell with traditional, outdated methods.

As you can see, Meetsales is not only a presentation tool but a complete all-in-one solution for B2B sellers. It handles the process at all stages thanks to its essential features and also supports sales teams in their daily work. If you want to learn more, we encourage you to sign up for the free trial and test our solution at your company. We can promise you will elevate your game. With us, your company can become the industry leader when it comes to online sales. Sell more and better with Meetsales!

Customer experience builds loyalty
Level up your sales game with the power of video, data, and automation.

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