How Impel, our first pilot partner became a long-term client.

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We’ve landed our first pilot partner (spoiler alert: they became our first client, too!), which was a huge success and a reason for us to celebrate. However, it also meant we had a lot of work to do. What was the goal? Making one of Impel’s companies satisfied with Meetsales by adjusting it to their individual needs. Impel Group is an enterprise that consists of 74 subsidiary firms. They offer outsourcing services and products in Poland and Western European countries. They’ve picked one of their companies (Impel24) to be a testing ground for the pilot. Successful implementation would result in an ultimate award - a long-term collaboration with Impel and the introduction of our solution to other companies in the Impel Group.

We have been working on our online b2b sales for a while. Once we started the pilot with Meetsales, we understood how the right technology can support and optimize the online sales process and we knew that was it!

eCommerce & Digitalization Director at Impel S.A.
Impel S.A.
Maciej Mora
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Impel Group’s eCommerce & Digitalization Director Maciej Mora had the vision to improve the B2B sales process and prepare a winning omnichannel strategy. Impel needed the right technology and a partner that would be able to implement all the features required by the company. We’ve been asked to introduce requested integrations to the Meetsales app, but besides that, it suited perfectly Impel24’s sales team.

The analysis of various scenarios that had to be performed via Meetsales and then the testing period lasted for around two months. During that time, we’ve been in constant contact with Impel’s representatives to make sure both sides are on the same page. The scope of the project was broadly discussed and flexibly changed if there was a need for that. We knew we had to deliver a product that would support and optimize sales at Impel24.

Another important factor we had to consider was legal compliance. GDPR and other regulations are extremely important to handle data the right way. We’ve managed to adapt Meetsales to market’s requirements. Our team also took care of integrations with Microsoft 365 and PayPro, making them work splendidly and collaborating with our platform in a seamless way. We gave Impel a product ready to test with their real customers.

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Many features we offer were perfect for Impel. For example, they highly appreciated our website widget that allows the customers proactively schedule video calls with salespeople. The ability to pick the subject of a call, which represents the type of services Impel’s clients desire to purchase, was a huge help to their sales team. They know from the start what they have to prepare, and the sales presentations are now more client-oriented.

Another functionality that was liked very much by Impel was adding custom prices to the offers. The business model Impel works in requires them to individually set the cost of their services based on various parameters (for example, square meters to cover or a number of services in a bundle). Thanks to Meetsales their sales reps can present every service to the client, adjust the offer to their personal needs, and then propose the final price for the criteria discussed during a video call.

Closing deals while the online meeting is still ongoing is one of the most important features we offer. Thanks to the PayPro integration we’ve prepared for Impel, they can process payments from their clients quickly and conveniently. That means the customers don’t have to worry about a payment after the call is over. This gives them peace of mind and more time to do other business activities.

Meetsales is a tool that proves it is necessary for an efficient, organized sales process. Impel could find out for themselves how each feature was created with salespeople’s and their clients’ needs in mind. The results speak for themselves. We are now on our way to a long-term partnership.

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We've managed to align Meetsales’ user flow to Impel’s needs and expectations. The MVP collaboration was a huge success and the result we presented to the company made them certain they want to continue our work together. The pilot client converted into a business partner. Impel is planning to introduce our solution to other companies within the group, which means they appreciate our product and want it to become one of the key elements of their omnichannel sales strategy.

We couldn’t imagine a bigger success! It proves that if a startup offers high-quality service and is ready to work hard, they can land big clients that will appreciate their efforts and be satisfied with the final outcome.

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