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ONe Company sp. z o.o.
B2B outsourcing

In the last couple of years, the world we live and do business in has changed dramatically. We have accepted remote work, business owners have started to wake up and digitize their brick-and-mortar companies, and customer expectations have shifted. ONe and Meetsales know well since we are both coming from a digital background, that lives and breathes technology each day. It also means that we need to adapt to the market, and that is why a modern eCommerce platform ONe has designed its sales process to be online-first. When we got to know each other, we thought we would be only tech partners, but soon after, we discovered that we can be much more!

ONe is a modern platform, a complete tool for B2B sales, that was created by practitioners for wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.

By implementing Meetsales in its activities, ONe can significantly shorten the sales process, and build a more professional and transparent Customer Experience, that leads to loyalty and higher ROI. At the same time, they are freeing up the time of their salespeople and ensuring greater transparency for the client.

In B2B sales, during the first negotiations of the contract, transaction terms and prices, a face-to-face meeting is particularly important. All my professional life I have been looking for tools that will scale B2B sales by supporting both the seller and the buyer. What I didn't know is that what I'm looking for is called Meetsales, which also makes it simple, safe and intuitive!

Chairman of the Board
Artur Piekarczyk


COVID-19 has forced entrepreneurs to be online and keep up with digitized competition. Not all tools are suitable for every type of organization, which is why ONe have created their own solution to support a selected cross-section of enterprises. ONe, despite encouraging digitization, does not forget about it in its own company. So far, the sales process has been conducted in the form of remote conversations, in a standard way for such activities. During contact with Meetsales, the potential of our tool to streamline the sales process and significantly shorten it was noticed very quickly. Meetsales turned out to be a tool that perfectly fits the needs of ONe and their sales department.

We had a couple of challenges to start with, but they were quickly solved and ONe could start using the platform right away. Especially for them, we have introduced integration with Google Workspace, so they can use the widget and easy scheduling feature that connects to their essential calendar. They also requested multi-user (group) conferencing, so we have delivered that functionality as well, making it possible to access the meeting with over 200 users at the same time. Finally, they also wanted a built-in chat, as it's available in all other, well-known video conferencing apps, so we did that too.


Thanks to the widget that is placed on the website, we support the conversion of website visitors into potential customers. Until now, ONe used a popup where you could leave your email address and phone number and expect contact from the seller. With the implementation of Meetsales, potential customers can book meetings themselves, by passing the process of exchanging messages or phone calls in order to find the right date for the conversation. What's more, the leads obtained this way are automatically distributed among sellers, depending on their availability and the number of currently handled leads.

The feature that attracted the attention of ONe when choosing the right tool was the ability to submit offers to customers. The ONe company sells complex e-commerce-related systems that are difficult to present online due to the fact that they consist of many different "building blocks". Their final customer selects the appropriate, necessary ingredients, creating a dedicated tool. Meetsales gives the opportunity to present an offer that consists of various elements, thanks to which ONe sellers, during a meeting with a client, can create an individual offer and present a full quote in various configurations in a very simple way. The client receives offers in the mailbox, which can be easily returned to during subsequent meetings and modified accordingly - without the need to build them from scratch!

ONe perfectly understands the construction of the product, because they create their own as well. They are perfect ‘early adopters’, so at the implementation stage, they very clearly communicated their needs and necessary adjustments in the system, thanks to which the adaptation ran smoothly and without any problems.

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Let's be honest, we are just at the beginning of the long, fruitful journey with each other. Once we will gather the data required, we will present the results, based on facts. Stay tuned!

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