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Renewable energy is something the world is paying more attention to nowadays. Companies that sell solar panels and other green solutions need innovative tools to educate their clients, optimize sales, and measure results along the way.

Red Snake was looking for a platform to transform their old business ways into a modern, robust process. They found all they needed in Meetsales. Now they can analyze every customer journey and make better decisions that will lead to increased profits and higher awareness about their solar products.

We were impressed by how fast Meetsales could be implemented in our organization. It’s easy to use and has a user-friendly interface, which makes sales work seamless and more efficient.

Red Snake
Jakub Manicki
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The solar industry in Poland went through a small revolution in the first half of 2022. From April 1st, the government implemented the new billing system. The so-called “net-billing” approach changed the way prosumers can handle their energy production and distribution. Some claim it can be less profitable than before, but we are not here to discuss that. Solar panel distributors, like Red Snake, had to really think through their sales strategy and how their products could stay reliable and efficient for their customers.

Red Snake had a few ideas, but they didn’t have a solid background that would help them to translate their plans into reality. They wanted to implement a CRM solution that would be easy to use, intuitive, and powerful enough to handle their clients. When they reached out to us, they were in the middle of rebuilding their sales process. Meetsales was the answer to all their doubts and pains.

Meetsales red snake widget flow


The first feature that caught Red Snake’s attention was our website widget. We know it’s the ultimate USP for many companies, especially those that base their lead generation strategy on Google Ads and other PPC campaigns. That was exactly the case for this client. Red Snake wanted to overview the lead’s journey from the first touchpoint to the moment the deal closes. With a widget that allows their visitors to schedule calls in a convenient way, they can analyze who decides to reach out to them and how they found their brand. Moreover, the Meetsales platform automatically distributes leads between sales reps to assign them evenly between employees and save their time.

Before we started collaborating, the company didn’t have any CRM, and they were looking for an effective way to track their various leads. They were impressed by the usability of the Meetsales platform. Now, their sales team can overview the statuses of the prospects to find out who drops out, why, and when.

Last but not least, they really appreciate our presentation module. Because of the changes in legal regulations regarding solar energy, Red Snake’s clients need assistance while buying their products and services. To understand better the current situation and invest in solutions profitable for them, customers need to talk to sales reps that will explain every detail and help them pick the right offer. With Meetsales it’s easy because during the video meeting they can showcase every position in Red Snake’s catalog and answer all the questions to make sure the final purchase will match the expectations and requirements.

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Red Snake’s new website was already released, and it has the Meetsales widget implemented from day one, so it can generate and distribute the leads to sales professionals and allow the marketing team to measure customer journeys and assess their quality. We should mention that the company has over 200 business partners and distributors they collaborate with, and their goal is to use Meetsales with all of them to have all client data in one place.

With the internal sales team and external stakeholders using one video sales command center, it would be extremely easy to supervise their work, analyze data, and optimize the process even more to get better results in the future.

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