How we got hooked on the huge digitalization movement in a great product company

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Swiss Krono
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SWISS KRONO with the headquarters in Switzerland, is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based materials. The eight national SWISS KRONO Group companies operate in Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia and the USA and are supplying customers in over 120 countries.

After years of doing business based on brick-and-mortar principles, SWISS KRONO, has decided to move and start the digital transformation. They perfectly understand the importance of digitalization which is considered as inevitable. That’s why they instituted the Center of Excellence which is a team dedicated to and responsible for digital transformation. The team spotted Meetsales potential right away. Due to our capabilities, they noticed an opportunity to build a modern sales process, based on digital solutions to bring a coherent omnichannel experience for their clients.

Meetsales tool has been initially implemented in a Swiss unit for a test run with the perspective on further development and integrations.



As an international company that operates globally, SWISS KRONO has to bear in mind that the systems they are using are top-notch. They have made great decisions while picking their eCommerce stack, and the challenge for us, a young company, is to fit into their expectations and make sure their needs are well covered, and the overall Customer Experience is building extraordinary value for their clients.

First challenge, especially for our Client, was to pick a department and products that they want to import to our platform, and start selling via video. Another challenge was on how to get started, how to import the products, when the eCommerce infrastructure is not yet ready - still in tests. So we had to come up with an XML-based product importer.

Since SWISS KRONO is very particular, and their digitalization Leader, Tomasz Gierat, likes to have a solid overview, we were going through a detailed onboarding process. In this way, our client has understood the platform even better, and quickly spotted how it can be used in the near future to support everyday's work of the front and back office of the sales teams.

The next step was very detailed onboarding for the team who is using the platform, so they could dive in, and start closing more deals for the Group, while offering an outstanding Customer Experience to their Clients.


We started the talks with SWISS KRONO when Meetsales was only a concept. We knew a bit about how they work, what they are missing and what are their plans, but we had no idea that we would start building an omnichannel solution together, soon after we got to know each other.

Meetsales turned out to be an extension of SWISS KRONO's digitalization team's dreams. They were extremely impressed, especially by three of our capabilities: turning traffic into leads, video-based product offerings along with the capability to send offers or close orders, and the thin Lead Management layer that helps them to run the business on a daily basis.

Since they are in the middle of their digital transformation, all our common activities are driven by curiosity and funded on data-based grounds. Another great aspect of implementing our solution at their company is the fact that they understand and follow the concept of composable commerce and they are building an environment built on MACH principles. That makes us a great fit!

Since everything is on the move, and in the making, their sales teams are much more flexible and willing to adjust to the new process and tools. That is why it is much easier to introduce another tool once everyone within the organization is learning new solutions and processes than to present it once each salesperson is accustomed to already used tools.

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Let's be honest, we are just at the beginning of the long, fruitful journey with each other. Once we will gather the data required, we will present the results, based on facts. Stay tuned!

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