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What value do we deliver to the
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Time saved due to built-in automations


Faster lead
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Lower sales

1. Can I try Meetsales before I commit full-time?

2. Why should I pick Meetsales as my to-go web app for remote B2B sales?

3. Do I need a technical background to use Meetsales?

4. I have a technical difficulty/malfunction. What to do?

5. Can I import data from my previous system to Meetsales?

6. How much does it cost to add another seat to my account? Do you offer discounts for that?

7. Are you planning to add new features?

8. I miss the XYZ feature, are you going to develop it?

9. I have a specific process in my company, can you adjust Meetsales to be compatible?

10. Can I unsubscribe from Meetsales at any time? What is your notice period?