Bring virtual sales meetings to life

Work from anywhere with the conferencing capabilities of Meetsales Video Commerce. Improve Client Experience with multi user online video meetings and offers presentations.

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Enable smooth workflow with online meetings software features

Host professional one-to-one or multi user video meetings with your customers. Several people can participate in a single sales meeting. During a quick small talk, gather all the requirements, learn about expectations, and begin searching for offerings that fit their needs and capabilities. Present your products or services - at this moment the Customer Experience skyrockets! The client may check all the details & parameters for presented products or services, while you can guide them through the presentation in an transparent and professional manner, still being able to consult them throughout the process. Never again lost data, mail enquiries or forms - finalize the whole purchase process during a video call and make a great first impression!


Don’t let remote work get in your way!

No software downloading

No need to download another conferencing tool. Generate a link, share it with anyone and join the meeting through your unique link.

Use on any device

Our unique link to the meeting can be opened with any browser on any device! Did you leave your laptop at home and can’t make it on time? Use Meetsales wherever you are, whatever tools you have with you.

Create engaging experiences

Use all the features of Meetsales to convince your customer to finalize the purchase. Assist him through the whole process and close deals faster than ever before.

Presented product panel with photography of video call between salesperson and client

Stop sharing your desktop

No more need of sharing your personal desktop with clients to present offers. Meetsales comes with a handy offers presentation system where with a company database you have all the information for the asking. Negotiate prices, offer discounts, send and adjust offers and set follow ups all the time being on a call with your client advising him the best option for their needs. Custom made tool with increased UX and security - free from GDPR leaks! Your data is safe as you know what you share!

High, multiplatform quality combined with security of purchases

High quality video and audio available with any browser and device. Additionally, thanks to a secure architecture, only two selected people may have the permission for purchasing decisions. All the other participants may take part in discussion and contribute to the offer but only two of them may take the final decision.

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