Understand your sales with the power of analytics

Get a quick, 360-degree view of your sales team performance. With Meetsales reporting you will gain clarity and confidence in your team’s activities and results at glance.

meetsales interface

Data-driven insights platform

Track all the important data on your team performance. Would you like to understand why one salesman is outperforming the other by 300%? Who is really craving support, or who is simply speaking not even trying to be productive? With Meetsales you will gather insight to your team's performance - how many meetings each salesman has had, how much time they spent per meeting, how many meetings were needed to close the deal, what are the average values of closed shopping carts and so on? Meetsales measures the exact efficiency of each salesperson and reports to superiors on who is meeting the goals, who is not, and why.


Empower sales managers with data

Automate your data gathering

No more need for gathering all the information by hand. Everything is happening automatically right after each finished meeting. Get the information you need in two clicks.

Fresh and accurate data

With the help of automatically collected and generated data you will find actionable insights to make smarter decisions. Learn from your every interaction!

Visual reports

See the stage of each client and understand what is going on anytime you need the information. You have a full history of the client, sent offers, proceeded payments and completed purchases.

Real-time analytics and reporting

Get an instant overview of your team performance. You do not need to wait for your salespeople to fill in all the data. With Meetsales built-in analytics and reporting tools for the most important sales metrics, you get your data straight away with no single line of code.

Automate your tools with Meetsales

Integrate our basic native CRM with really complex and powerful platforms like Salesforce to bring everything into a single, shared workflow and better understand your data. Gather all data about customers from disparate systems and assemble it in a single location, making it easily accessible to your other departments creating a single source of truth.

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