Seamless Sales Video Meetings Scheduling

Convert your website traffic into meetings. Make contact with your salespeople easier and more convenient for your clients taking care of their customer experience from the early beginning.

meetsales interface

Let customers schedule meetings, on their terms, in just two clicks

You do not need to send email invitations to schedule a meeting with your customer anymore. Neither to follow them up on the invitations. Aside from the video-commerce platform, Meetsales comes with a website widget that allows your website visitors to turn into hot leads easily. All solutions are integrated with the most popular business calendar providers. What’s more, Meetsales gives you a dedicated meetings booking page that can be sent to the prospects anytime and they can schedule the time when you both are available.Isn’t it the most seamless scheduling possible?


Make online meetings scheduling easier

Scheduling button

With a small button, implemented with a piece of a code, you can easily convert your website traffic into leads. Add Meetsales widget to your website and see how quickly your calendar fills with meetings.

Adjustable forms

Adjust the form to your salespeople needs. Do you need to collect client data via the standard form? Done! Would you like to get the information on the service your client is interested in? We can adjust the form to prepare your sales reps for the meeting beforehand.

Calendar integration

Integrate your Meetsales calendar with your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 and see all data in both places. Share your availability with the clients and never miss another call!

Salesperson calendar panel

Equal lead distribution

Have more salespeople in the team? Do not worry about lead distribution anymore! Meetsales does it for you! Our tool shares the leads among your representatives equally taking into consideration their availability and number of meetings. At the end, all data regarding meetings can be analyzed easily on the dedicated dashboard.

Get prepared for the meeting

Clients who use the website widget to schedule meetings can provide all the necessary information beforehand via the preconfigured scheduling form. Get prepared for your sales calls with all the information your clients demand.

Calendar panel with close-up view of upcoming meetings

Sales meetings information in one place

All the information on your meetings can be found in the calendar section. Moreover, on the main dashboard you will easily find all the upcoming calls so you can start your day seeing how many meetings you have, what they are about and better prepare yourself for another sales.

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