Keep your CRM up-to-date automatically

Automatically update all the information on your clients when meetings are booked, offers sent and deals closed. Integrate our native, little CRM with your standard CRM like Salesforce or Pipedrive. Make Meetsales the only source of truth that collects all the information on the clients and have all the necessary details for each of the salespeople for the taking.

meetsales interface

Organize and centralize your contacts and data

Say goodbye to your spreadsheets and a tiresome process of searching for the information across your files, emails and messages. Look no further and organize all your client communication with Meetsales. In one place you can collect automated and manually added information on your customers, potential sales and all the contacts that approached your offerings. Moreover, you can prioritize your clients and see all the updates across the organization. Inaccessible salespeople are not an issue anymore!


Build long-lasting relationships centralizing all your work process

Lead Management

Turn more leads into your customers. Meetsales makes it easy to build the whole sales process and manage all your customers' data.

Alerts and Notifications

Never again forget to follow-up your client after the meeting thanks to the simple follow-up functionality. With the notifications from Meetsales you can always be up to date and remember about each client-related task.

Activity Feed

See the stage of each client and understand what is going on anytime you need the information. You have a full history of the client, sent offers, proceeded payments and completed purchases.

Don’t waste your time on data entry

Automate your sales activities across all channels with Meetsales. With our scheduling feature your clients can automatically schedule sales meetings and all the provided information will be always available in our CRM. Once the meeting is over, all the offer or purchase details are also available in the system. You can also manually add any details regarding each of the clients.

Find key information faster

Tag, sort and filter all your customers information using our quick searching bar to better understand where you are with each customer. See the full history of each client and take all the details on them whenever you need them!Get the big picture without having to go through multiple pages and hidden information - from now on, all the information can be found in one view!

Analytic panel and current day calendar panel

Learn from every interaction

Keeping your CRM ’clean’ and automatically updated makes you not only aware of the status of the customers and the stages they are at but also allows you to work more intelligently and learn from your previous activities. All the interactions are analyzed and presented in easy to understand reports that will help you to make better, data-based business decisions.

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