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  • Website. Website is provided by Meetsales sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Poland, at Świdnicka 22 first floor, 50-068 Wrocław, e-mail: ("Meetsales"). Meetsales operates the Website and is responsible for the proper provision of the Electronic Services of the Website. A customer is any natural person who uses the Website and Electronic Services ("Customer"). It is not possible to conclude a contract with Meetsales for the provision of services other than Electronic Services referred to in the Meetsales – Terms of Service by Website. Meetsales owns all rights to the Website and materials presented therein, including logotypes. Such content may constitute works within the Copyright Law, or may constitute registered trademarks and be subject to legal protection.
  • Website Terms Use. These Website Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions for the use of Website by the Customer, and in addition: (i) the conditions for concluding and terminating an agreement for the provision of Electronic Services of the Website, (ii) terms and conditions of provision of Electronic Services, except for other services provided by Meetsales on the basis of Meetsales – Terms of Service,  (iv) principles of Meetsales liability. Before using the Website, the Customer is required to read these Website Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Use of the Website constitutes the Customer’s agreement to the Website Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Acceptance is voluntary but is a condition for the use of Electronic Services. The Website Terms of Use are available free of charge via the Website.
  • Technical specifications. The condition of using the Website or Electronic Services is to use a device communicating with the Internet and equipped with a web browser. The minimum technical specifications: (i) an installed and up-to-date operating system on the device, (ii) an updated web browser, (iii) stable Internet connection, (iv) active e-mail account. Meetsales is not a provider of data transmission or telecommunication services. All costs related with data transmission services or telecommunication services required for use of the Website or Electronic Services shall be borne by the Customer under separate agreements concluded by the Customer with providers of these services.
  • Electronic Services of the Website. Meetsales shall provide electronic services to the Customer via the Website ("Electronic Service"). The Electronic Services consist of a contact form ("Contact Form"). Through the Contact Form, the Customer may contact with Meetsales in order to apply for the recruitment process, make an appointment to present the Meetsales’s offer or otherwise, at the Customer’s discretion. The use of Electronic Services is free of charge. Subject to other express provisions of the Website Terms Use, Electronic Services are provided 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week, at the request of the Customer.
  • Electronic Services Agreement. An Electronic Services Agreement is concluded when the Customer enters the required data in the Contact Form and sends them to the Meetsales by pressing the "Submit" or similar button. The Customer shall provide the following information in the Contact Form: (i) form in connection with recruitment: First name, Last name, Email (ii) form in connection with the schedule of demo: Name, Surname, Work email.  The acceptance of Website Terms Use and Privacy Policy by marking the appropriate consent placed under the Contact Form, is mandatory and necessary to use of Electronic Services. Lack of acceptance prevents the use of Electronic Services. The Electronic Services Agreement is concluded for a fixed period and terminates at the time of the implementation of Electronic Services, i.e. sending information via Contact Form to the Meetsales. Electronic Services are not continuous. Electronic Services Agreement is concluded in the English language.
  • Personal Data. Meetsales is the controller of the Customer’s personal data processed on the Website in connection with the use of Electronic Service. Personal data shall be processed for the purposes, to the extent and on the basis indicated in the Meetsales - Privacy policy.
  • The Customer’s Obligations. The Customer is obliged to use the Website and Electronic Services in a manner consistent with the law and the regulations, including: (i) use the Electronic Services in a manner that does not violate the rights of third parties, good customs or the law, (ii) not to place in the Contact Form any misleading or illegal content, (iii) to use Electronic Services and Website in a manner that does not interfere with their functioning. Meetsales informs that the public nature of the Internet and concluding Electronic Services Agreement may be associated with the standard risks related with the use of the Internet, including the risk of obtaining, appropriation or modification of Customer's data by unauthorized persons. Consequently, the Customer should use appropriate technical measures to minimize the risk, including antivirus programs or to protect the identity of persons using the Internet.
  • The Meetsales’s Liability. To the extent permitted by law, the Meetsales is not responsible for: (i) acts and omissions of telecommunication operators and service providers, which are used by the Customer to access the Website and Electronic Services, (ii) interruptions or difficulties in access to the Website and Electronic Services caused by necessary technical interruptions, failures of telecommunication links, or caused by force majeure, (iii) the Customer's actions inconsistent with the Website Terms of Use, including damages caused to third parties as a result of using Electronic Services by the Customer in a manner inconsistent with the Website Terms of Use and the law.
  • Complaints. In matters relating to the Electronic Services Agreement, the Customer has the right to make a complaint. The complaint should include at least the following information: (i) the name and last name of the Customer, (ii) e-mail address of the Customer, (iii)  description of circumstances justifying the complaint. Complaints not containing these data indicated above, will not be recognized by the Meetsales.  Complaints may be sent to the Meetsales’ address, i.e. Rosenthaler Strasse 13, 10119 Berlin, or to the e-mail address: Complaints will be considered by the Meetsales within 30 days of receipt. Meetsales will inform the Customer on the result of reviewing the complaint to the e-mail address indicated in the complaint.
  • General. Meetsales is entitled to make changes to the Websites Terms of Use for important reasons, in particular in the case of changes in the conditions of Electronic Services, suspension of Electronic Services or their liquidation in whole or in part, as well as in the case of changes in the provisions of law in the scope affecting the implementation of the provisions of the Website Terms of Use. All changes of the Website Terms of Use take effect from the date of their publication on the Website and apply only to the Electronic Services Agreement concluded after the publication of the changes.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction. Electronic Services Agreement shall be governed by German law. Any disputes that may arise on the basis of Electronic Services Agreement, will be settled by German courts of law.
  • Methods of out-of-court dispute resolution. The Customer who is a consumer has the right to use out-of-court ways to deal with complaints and claims. Disputes relating to Electronic Services Agreement concluded via the Internet can be resolved through mediation proceedings before the Provincial Inspectorates of Trade Inspection or arbitration proceedings at the Provincial Inspectorate of Trade Inspection. The consumer may also use other methods of out-of-court dispute resolution and e.g. file his/her complaint via the EU ODR online platform, available at:
  • The current Website Terms of Use was adopted and it applies from 13 June 2022.