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Why pick Meetsales as a b2b Sales Enablement Platform?

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Introducing hybrid b2b sales platform

Meetsales helps you to professionalize the Customer Experience, build relationships, and close more deals on-line.

meetsales dashboard analytics view
meetsales dashboard analytics view

Meetsales supports your B2B relationships

The sales enablement provided by our platform requires minimal training, no extra effort, and no compromises. By merging together video conferencing and e-commerce capacities, we have created a solution that will solve all your business challenges related to remote sales.

Digital solution that increases sales without disrupting existing processes.

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The efficiency of conversational commerce tools

higher acquisition efficiency
faster revenue growth
of sales cost reduction

What are the benefits of using Meetsales?

converting clients into leads meetsales icon

Converting traffic into leads

We implement a widget on your website, online shop, or marketplace, in order to make your Client taken care of by the real human. Every time they are unsure whether or not to purchase, they can jump on a video call with your Sales Team right away!

Digitizing the b2b sales meetsales icon

Digitizing the b2b sales

We all can expect an increase in remote b2b sales and a bloom of b2b marketplaces, after what has happened in 2020. To allow your Sales Team to smoothly undergo the transformation, we delivered an app that allows searching, presenting, and comparing products in real-time.

Offering Sales Automation meetsales icon

Offering Sales Automation

Our sales enablement technology helps your Team to automatically generate documents like call summaries, offers, orders, and invoices. Yes, it saves time and increases team productivity.

Building Trust & Relationships meetsales icon

Building Trust & Relationships

Meetsales allows your Sales Reps to establish a two-way visual contact and work on a relationship with a Client while presenting the products from a catalog. Let your Clients discover brand new online shopping experience standards.

Helping you to upsell meetsales icon

Helping you to upsell

We are using an account-based-marketing approach to help your Sales Reps identify an upsell opportunity and act upon it. Out analytics helps you to close more sales and increase the purchase value for every client.

Offering data-driven insights meetsales icon

Offering data-driven insights

With Meetsales you are able to map exactly what is happening during the calls. We measure and analyze actions taken by your Sales and your Clients. Our insights help you to track the performance, onboard, and motivate your team members.

Digital solution that increases sales without disrupting existing processes.

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